St. Catharine College plans big expansion of athletic programs

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By The Staff

SCC Sports Information

The stars must have been aligned right for St. Catharine College athletic director Mike Doig. Upon taking the job at SCC last July, Doig set one of his main priorities as the expansion of the athletic offerings, including a track & field program and cross country. But finding a coach to start a program from scratch would no doubt be a formidable task.

Enter Collin Kinsey. As manager of the Chili’s restaurant in nearby Bardstown, Kinsey had written St. Catharine in December of 2007 about the possibility of starting track and cross country programs. That interest was conveyed to Doig when he arrived.

“We started talking in August and one thing led to another,” Doig said. “About five years ago Collin had started the same programs at Georgetown College, so it seemed like a good fit for him and us.”

Kinsey no doubt has the background in the business. An Ohio native, Kinsey was a nine-time All American in track and field at Kent State University. He is the former school record holder there in the decathlon and in 2004 he coached the national junior champion in the decathlon.

“It was apparent that Collin was not just qualified from a knowledge standpoint, but also had all the intangible qualities necessary for starting a program,” said Doig. “We have the same vision as to what this can do for St. Catharine.”

Kinsey said he will immediately begin recruiting athletes for the new programs. He is confident that he can bring athletes to campus who can make an instant impact.

“We will take baby steps at first, but this is something that can grow into the biggest program on campus,” added Kinsey. “It worked at Georgetown and it can happen here.”

Those programs aren’t the only additions to the SCC athletic program as Doig recently announced. In addition to track & field and cross country, bowling will also become a varsity sport next fall. “This is a big sport on the club level in Louisville and other counties in the region,” said Doig. “Recruiting has already started for that program.”

Still another addition to the athletic offerings in the near future will be men’s and women’s tennis. “That may also happen as early as next fall,” added Doig.