St. Catharine field day set for Thursday

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By Jesse Osbourne

While playing catch-up from all the wet weather earlier this year, Rick Greenwell hopes Washington County farmers can attend this year’s Saint Catharine College field day.
Greenwell, the Washington County Extension Agent for agriculture/natural resources, said the field day is usually a bi-annual event, held at the SCC farm.

“It’s a good time to get together and enjoy being in the ag industry,” he said.
This year’s lineup includes a variety of educational activities.
One of those activities will teach farmers about new technology used in grain harvesting.
“A lot of people don’t have any concept about how that works together to make money and save money,” he said. “That particular technology right there will save you seven percent of your input costs, just because you’re not overlapping in sprays.”
Dennis Morgeson, the horticulture agent at the extension office, and the SCC gardener, will be offering demonstrations on how to raise vegetables on plastic.
The Natural Resources Conservation Service will be presenting about soil erosion and how to build structures to preserve topsoil.
Greenwell said there will also be a man from Frankfort making a presentation about farm safety.
“He does a tremendous farm safety demonstration,” Greenwell said. “This particular person has been involved in a serious farm accident, so whenever he speaks to you about farm safety, it’s from ‘I’ve been there.’”
There will also be a beekeeping demonstration.
“St. Catharine has harvested a lot of honey in the last couple of years,” Greenwell said. “They have a waiting list. So we’ll actually go to where the bees are and they’ll talk about it.”
Greenwell said some new foraging information recently became available, so that will be discussed as well.
“We’ll be talking that day about some new research on when to cut hay, when to rake it, whether or not to tet it,” he said. “It’s very, very late-breaking news and we want everybody to catch up with that.”
A presentation on controlling wetlands will also be on the bill.
“This particular wetlands (at SCC) will demonstrate to people how you can control that in a positive manner,” Greenwell said. “Not only do you save the erosion and the flooding condition, but it’s a great area for wildlife; ducks, geese, deer, all kinds of wildlife come there to habitat that.”
The field day won’t be all about education, as food will also be served. Even that, however, has an educational element to it.
Steven “Hooker” Osborne will be serving brisket, something he has done over the last several years.
“Brisket, when I was a kid growing up, that was what you fed to the dogs,” Greenwell said. “You buy it at the store for nothing, but if fixed properly is a delicacy. We’re kind of wanting to educate people the fact that here is another cut of meat that doesn’t cost much, but you can really enjoy.”
Attendees can also choose from locally raised hamburgers and brats.
“The meat is all going to be from St. Catharine’s own herd. It’ll be a great meal,” Greenwell said.
The field day starts at 4:30 p.m. on July 14.
“I just think that it would be a great time for the ag community to get together and enjoy some fellowship, and to just kind of take a break in their busy lives,” Greenwell said.
Signs leading motorists to the field day will be out. The entrance will be through the farm gate.