Superintendent receives high marks

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By Brandon Mattingly

A yearly evaluation of Washington County Superintendent Robin Cochran was held recently, and the board of education showed approval at the job she has done in recent years.

On a scale of zero to four—unacceptable, needs improvement, good, excellent and outstanding—Cochran came away with a cumulative score of 3.6

Cochran earned a perfect rating for organizational management, and registered at least a rating of three in each of the 10 categories.

WC BOE rating (4.0 scale)
• Leadership and district culture - 3.4
• Policy and governance - 3.0
• Communication and community relations - 3.0
• Organizational management - 4.0
• Curriculum planning development - 3.8
• Instructional leadership - 3.8
• Human resources management - 3.8
• Values and ethics of leadership - 3.6
• Student achievement and leadership - 3.8
• Labor relations - 3.3

Overall - 3.6

Notable comments from the board of education:

• Has set an exceptionally high standard for leadership, learning and continuously strives to promote an environment in which students are empowered to learn at their highest level.

• Sits on several committees in the community and even speaks on the behalf of the district at other civic organizations in which she does not belong in order to fully educate and keep the community/general public involved.

• Possible thoughts should be given to a superintendent newsletter.

• Always seeking ways to better enhance the learning environment for the district.

• Outstanding job in (instructional leadership). A team of teachers and staff meet regularly to discuss, improve and provide ways to effectively teach students. They seek out methods that will allow them to continue to help each child learn at their highest level.

• Is able to handle difficult issues or situations and seeks ways to prevent them from occurring again.

• Does whatever is necessary to move the district forward, removes barriers/roadblocks or builds bridges as needed.