Thanksgiving in Texas

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By Special to The Sun


We express sincere sympathy to the family of Ruby Hardin.

Belated birthday wishes go to Dick Arnold, Reed Matherly, Helen Russell, Parker Jones, Elaine Hurst, Paula Russell and Jasmyn Sleet.
We celebrated the Hanging of the Greens at Beech Grove Baptist Church on Sunday night.
Celebrating birthdays this week are Michelle Gribbons, Michelle Cummins, Mandy Dillehay, Joey Maupin, Tammy Bottom, Maxine Elliott, Lynn Crain, Glenda Chesser, Rebecca Petrey and Allison Carpenter.
Kay E. Green of Detroit and Norma E. Goode of the Texas community attended the marriage ceremony of Rhiana Conley and Carlos Picon at Venetian Terrace in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 10. Rhiana is the granddaughter of Rosalie Grubbs-Koester.
Bro. J.T. English of Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville was guest preacher at Bethlehem Baptist Church recently in absence of Pastor Kyle Claunch.
Marvin and Rosie Coulter had her children, grandchildren, her mother, Ruth H. Hays, Joe and Mary Carpenter and other guests on Thanksgiving with a delicious meal Thursday night on Beech Lane.
Dalton and Anna Mae had a big Thanksgiving meal at the home of their son and daughter-in-law, David and Ruth Ann Coyle in Bardstown on Thursday.
Joe and Beverly Hays had a delicious Thanksgiving meal at her parent’s home, Norman and Betty Turner in Texas.
Michelle Gribbons, Joe and Beverly Hays visited Ruth Hays on Texas Loop Thursday night.
Warren T. and Heather Purdom and daughter Makenzie have moved into their new home on the Texas and Mackville Road.
What state in the U.S.A. was the first to declare Christmas a legal holiday? It was Alabama in 1836.