That's a wrap: Commercial filming finished in Springfield Sunday

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By Nick Schrager

Springfield was center stage again this past weekend, and this time, the town hosted the filming of a new TV commercial for Bluegrass Cellular telephone company.


Two Popes Production Company of Minneapolis, Minn., was in charge of the filming, and the company brought dozens of crew members to town for the filming.

The stars of the commercial were some local notables, including members of the Washington County High School Commander Band, the Washington County Pompettes, and others well known in the community.

Filming began around 8 a.m. Sunday morning, and some local extras were used along with some professional actors who starred in the shoot.

Although it wrapped up on Sunday, the Pope brothers were in town much earlier, working on some behind-the-scenes things to make the commercial possible.

Greg Pope said he and his brother Jerry came to town a couple of weeks ago to begin scouting locations. When Springfield was finaly selected, they returned, this time with representatives from Bluegrass Cellular’s advertising agency, for what Greg called an agency scout. This is when the agency gets a look at the location chosen for the commercial, and then gives their approval for filming to begin there.

“It’s a lot of work for about 30 seconds,” Greg said of the commercial.

That’s right. The commercial will last about 30 seconds. From there, it will be shortened into what he described as two 15-second lifts, where portions of the original commercial are used to create two shorter versions.

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