Time for late summer seedings

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By Rick Greenwell

Many of you are preparing to seed or re-seed various forage grasses and legumes. Successful establishment of a new pasture or hay field does not come about by accident, but by attention to details. One of the important details is what variety or varieties you will use. We have a lot of valuable Kentucky-tested results available on grasses and legumes important to Kentucky. For our complete list of species and varieties, see your county extension agent or go to our website at http://www.uky.edu/Ag/Forage/ForageVarietyTrials2.htm.

Time to begin stockpiling tall fescue
Late July/early August is the time to begin stockpiling for fall and winter use. Remove cattle, apply necessary fertilizer and allow the grass to accumulate growth until November or December. Make sure that summer growth has been removed to 3 to 4 inches by grazing or clipping so that stockpile production comes from new grass regrowth.

During the stockpiling period, August to November, other available forages, such as sorghum-sudan hybrids, sudangrass, bermudagrass, grass-lespedeza and grass-clover should be used. After frost, alfalfa-grass and clover-grass growth should be grazed first before moving to grass fields.

For more detailed information on stockpiling, see our website http://www.uky.edu/Ag/Forage/ForagePublications.htm.