Time to open up the mailbag

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By Jesse Osbourne


I’ve gotten a few interesting pieces of mail recently, so I thought I’d pass along some of the information that has come my way in this mailbag column.
I’ll do a column like this on occasion, depending on reader response and incoming correspondence.
Speaking of mail and correspondence, there was a sizable crowd at the Mackville Community Center that met with postal officials on Thursday about the possible closing of the Mackville post office.
I thought the people that spoke up on behalf of the post office were kind but firm. Kudos to those in attendance that were able to pull that off.
Here we go with our first mailbag column.
Circuit clerk exam
An anonymous reader mailed a letter to me a few weeks ago suggesting that I do a front page article on the 2012 circuit court clerk’s election.
While I do appreciate the heads-up, I don’t see the necessity in pursuing a front page story on the subject. If there is a contested election, then by all means we will want to cover that.  
The reader suggests that the notice of the Kentucky circuit court clerk examination in the Oct. 5 edition of The Springfield Sun was too small for most readers to notice, therefore warranting some extra attention.
I do think the public deserves to know the information presented in the notice. There was nothing wrong with the nature it was posted, as it had to be legally published so that the public be made aware.
The ad read that the qualifying exam for the 2012 election for the office of circuit court clerk will be administered on Dec. 3 at the Embassy Suites in Lexington. This is the only date and location for the exam.
Pre-registration, qualifications, study materials and other details regarding the exams are available at www.kycourts.net.
The deadline for pre-registration, which is mandatory, is Nov. 9.
Questions about the test should be directed to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) at (502) 573-2350, ext. 40517 or at circuitclerktest@kycourts.net.
George Graves is the current circuit court clerk. He and his staff have been nothing but kind and helpful to me when I’ve needed anything.
Ray’s Roller Rink
Peggy Hawkins Peach wrote a letter to let me know that Raymond and Jean Dearinger, former owners of Ray’s Roller Rink in Willisburg on Hwy. 53, are in poor health.
I checked around and found confirmation that they are, in fact, in poor health.
Peach said she spent a lot of special evenings at Ray’s Roller Rink, which served as a memorial shrine for all the youth in Washington and Anderson counties.
Peach fondly remembers the ‘metallic ball that would revolve and reflect the colored lights overhead.’
“If I was lucky, I was holding some good-looking boys’ hand,” she wrote.
Thanks for sharing your memories, Peggy. Thanks for thinking of the Dearinger’s, also.
Magazine scam
Donna Balentine called in to let me know that her family has had big problems with a magazine scam that preyed on the elderly.
She wanted to let people know to frequently check bank statements for fradulent activity, especially if overseeing the affairs of an elderly friend or relative.
She warns that the people behind the scam are persistent in trying to collect money, and will use scare tactics to coerce money from the victims.
Be aware of this scam and others. There are several out there.