The town of broken hearts

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By Ken Begley


We are all citizens of Newtown, Conn., this week.

Those poor parents, families and friends have experienced something truly worse than death.
The loves of their lives were ripped from their hearts in an unspeakable horror as the gates of hell were unleashed upon God’s beloved little ones.
The reports of the violent killing of innocent children anywhere shakes you to the core.
But this massacre, and it truly was a massacre, of six- and seven-year-olds would be the last people you expect to suffer from such mindless, bloody violence.
Attacks on schoolchildren seem to happen a lot anymore. But would you think it would happen in a small town like ours?
Would you think the gunman would be a young man that was an honors student and son of what appears to be middle class folks?
It just goes to show that it doesn’t really matter where you are anymore.
You can’t always protect your children physically or emotionally no matter how vigilant you may be.
However, if you truly want to protect them, then you have to do much more.
You have to do what Robbie Parker did. I read about it in a story by MSN News.
Let me tell you about it.
The gunman that came into Sandy Hook Elementary School that day was totally insane.
He was filled with an evil so all consuming that it must have welled up from the deepest, darkest pits of hell itself.
He was a man so unhappy and miserable with life that he wanted everyone else to hurt as much as he did.
Hurting people hurt people.
He picked the innocents who most represent the face of God on earth for terror.
He wanted them dead.
He wanted those left behind to grieve for the evil he was going to cause.
It would seem he won, does it not?
It would appear that God has no power to protect the ones that love him most, would it not?
In both cases, you would be wrong.
Robbie Parker was the father of a little girl named Emilie. I saw her picture on the Internet and she was so beautiful. The little blue-eyed, blonde, six-year-old looked like one of those little “Precious Moments” pictures you see.
The story by MSN told how he fought back tears as he described his daughter Emilie as a little girl “who loved to draw and was always smiling.”
Can’t you picture your own child or grandchild like that?
Children so in love with their young lives that every day is an adventure as they discover a world that is all new to them.
Robbie said, “She was beautiful. She was blonde. She was always smiling. She never missed an opportunity to draw a picture or make a card for those around her. The world is a better place because Emilie was in it. I’m so blessed to be her dad.”
So sad. So terribly, terribly sad.
He describes all small children.
They are beautiful because they are as God would have us all to be.
Now here is what I thought was most startling in the story. It said Robbie “expressed no animosity, said he was not mad and offered sympathy for the family of the man who killed 26 people and himself.”
Robbie said, “”I can’t imagine how hard this experience must be for you,” even as he struggled to explain the death of Emilie to her younger siblings who are three and four.
Could you do that?
I don’t think I could. But it showed a man who had children like stair steps and a bond with God that would not be broken.
When that demonic force came forth in that classroom, it did not dominate. A force it could not conquer met it. The force came in the form of a witness onto God in all His goodness.
The words of Robbie Parker were not the words that the devil wanted to hear.
The howls of anguish must have echoed off the outer limits of hell to such a God-like response in a world that knows so little of it.
The devil’s pawn may have taken the lives of those 20 children and six teachers, but it was the Lord that took their souls.
They’re now in the loving hands of an Almighty God that will hold them and keep them safe forever.
Robbie Parker’s words that day were the final blow to evil’s ugly head.
We should all hope that we could be like Robbie. We should all hope that our kids and ourselves could be that prepared spiritually.
No, you see, evil didn’t win that bloody day last week at Newtown.
Robbie’s words destroyed it by the kindness of his heart to the family from whom the gunman came.
God wins again.