The town, it is a-changin’

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By Brandon Mattingly

It’s no secret that Washington County is undergoing a lot of change right now. There are a lot of new—and improved—things on the horizon, and that’s got me thinking about what the community will look like in, say, five years.

Really, not even that long, because so many projects have already been set in motion.

Within a couple of years, the new fire station shared by the city and county fire departments will grace W. Main St. The new public library,  which when completed is expected to be a jewel of the county, will be standing just across the road, tying Main St. together.

Even sooner, the new Washington County High School will be completed, opening its doors in time for the 2014-15 school year.

Even more chips will fall in place with that new addition, as a facilities plan for the use of the current high school and the building of athletic fields and other needs will determine what steps are next for the county school district.

The new additions aren’t limited to the Springfield area, though.

Willisburg introducing a medical clinic to a community previously a 15-minute or more drive from medical care can’t be overlooked.
I try to envision what Washington County will look like in five years, but I can’t because I know even more changes are right around the corner.

Local officials and businesspeople have taken an initiative to improve Washington County, and I’ve seen momentum for that train pick up steam tenfold in my two years here.

There’s an overwhelming sense of pride in this community, and it’s showing in the improvements that are being made.

Even down to the Lincoln Legacy Museum and the Phil Simms Museum (coming soon), Washington County has been embracing its past and using its rich history as a tool to improve its future. No matter what changes come, this community makes sure to hold on tight to its historical—and even agricultural—roots.

Watching Washington County grow has been exciting, and I know that’s only going to continue in the years ahead.  

As for what’s next, it’s hard to say, but I know that it won’t be long before people outside this community begin to take note of the strides Washington County is taking.

That is, if they haven’t already.