Two women honored by BPW

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By Jesse Osbourne

The Springfield Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW) recently announced the winners of the 2011 Woman of Achievement and the Boss of the Year award.

Jan Fattizzi was awarded the Woman of Achievement award for her tireless efforts for the Central Kentucky Community Theatre and St. Dominic School.
“Fattizzi has worked in Springfield to highlight arts education and performing arts in the Washington County community for over five years, where she has seen the Central Kentucky Community Theatre make great strides,” a press release from BPW said. “Two of her students were named National Merit Scholars, an award that is monumental for a small community.”
BPW president Joanne Mudd was proud of Fattizzi’s accomplishments.
“You can’t say anything bad about her, with what all she’s accomplished in just the last five years, with the theater and everything,” Mudd said. “She’s someone that’s moved into the county and has taken Washington County as their own.”
Fattizzi said it was an honor to get an award for something that she enjoys so much.
“I love working with the kids and they make my job easy,” she said.
She also does private voice and piano lessons, as well as work with the Distinguished Young Woman participants.
Pat Kirsch is the first female mayor in the county and in Willisburg.
“Mayor Kirsch was awarded the Boss of the Year Award for her role in the Willisburg community, where she has served on the Willisburg City Council, president of the Lions Club, treasurer of the Willisburg Baptist Church and now as the mayor,” the BPW press release read.
Mudd also recognized that Kirsch has made the community her own.
“She’s a person that’s moved into the county and has made a name for herself, and has really gotten involved in the Willisburg community,” she said.
Kirsch said she just wants to help.
“My thing is, I love to help people,” Kirsch said. “I love to do for my neighbors and for anybody.”
Kirsch said she didn’t tell her grandchildren that she was running for mayor, but surprised them with the news when she won.
She said she ran for the job because she has dreams of seeing Willisburg grow, and not just the city.
“I think when I say Willisburg, a lot of people think, well, she’s just interested in the town,” she said. “But it’s more than that. I’m interested in the people in the country and out in the county and all that.”
The public is invited to celebrate the achievements of Fattizzi and Kirsch at a reception / breakfast event at City Hall in Springfield on Oct. 20 from 8:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.