Veterans offered tuition benefits to attend St. Catharine College

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By The Staff

Many years ago, the yellow ribbon became a symbol for families at home longing for the return of their relatives serving military duty overseas. And while the yellow ribbon still carries that same message, it also now applies to another veteran-related issue.

Starting with the fall semester of 2009, veterans will be eligible for additional aid for college in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The benefits are for post-9/11 veterans, and are in addition to the aid they would already receive through the GI Bill.

Not all institutions have enrolled in the Yellow Ribbon Program, but veterans in central Kentucky are fortunate to have the benefits available locally at St. Catharine College.

“We are a Yellow Ribbon School” proclaimed Dr. David Arnold, himself an Army veteran and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at St. Catharine. “There are about 700 schools nationwide participating and we are proud to be among them.”

Veterans attending St. Catharine on a full-time basis will be eligible for $2,000 each academic year in addition to the aid they get from the GI Bill. Arnold added that those attending part-time would get aid in proportion to the number of credit hours they were taking.

Anita Foster, registrar at St. Catharine, said one veteran has already applied for the Yellow Ribbon Program. “I expect more will do so,” she said.

And now when they ask, veterans will be happy to hear that the yellow ribbon is no longer just around the old oak tree.