Volunteer to be a 4-H leader

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By Roberta Hunt

If you enjoy working with young people, volunteering as a 4-H club leader may be an exciting and fulfilling experience for you. In 4-H, caring, enthusiastic adults are always needed to assist young people in achieving their goals.

Club leaders can positively impact a 4-H’ers life. It is very rewarding for them to watch young people build self-confidence and self-worth and develop new interests as they accomplish goals in various projects and activities.

Club leaders can either volunteer for a school club or they can organize a community club or a project club. Community clubs include members who are enrolled in a variety of projects and live in a specific geographical area. Project clubs focus on an individual project area, with topics such as livestock, horse, sewing and shooting sports. No previous leadership experience or knowledge is needed, but leaders of project clubs need to have an interest in their subject.  Many of our club leaders are parents of young people in the group, but it is not a requirement for club leaders.

In addition to wanting help youth, club leaders should have good organizational and communication skills. They must make at least a one-year commitment to the group and its members. Most clubs meet at least once a month, but some may meet more frequently, depending on the time of year and the project. Meeting times are determined by the 4-H youth development agent and the club leader. Meeting locations vary depending on the topic of the club and the leader’s meeting preference.

If you are interested, pick up a club leader application from the Washington County Extension Office. Once the applications are received, each candidate is interviewed by the county’s 4-H youth development agent. Those selected as club leaders are given a list of duties and responsibilities from the 4-H agent.

Adult volunteers are always welcome in 4-H and can serve in different capacities, one of which is a club leader.  For more information on becoming a club leader or other volunteer opportunities in 4-H, contact the Washington County Cooperative Extension Service at 336-7741.    


The 4-H Young Riders Fun Show will be on Sept. 12, 4 p.m. at the WillisburgCommunity Park 4-H Horse Show arena.  Show bills are available from the Extension Office.  The rain date is Sept. 19. 

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