WC defeats Danville 3-1

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By John Overby

Last week, the Commanderettes travelled to Danville (17-11) and came away with a 3-1 victory. The match was closer than what the final outcome would suggest, and WC started off on the wrong foot, losing 25-9.

Head Coach Anne Mudd thinks that her team came out “relaxed” in the first set because of the Commanderettes’ 2-0 win against the Lady Admirals earlier this season.

But WC quickly saw how much Danville had improved throughout the season.

“That first game was uglier than ugly,” Mudd said. “They wiped the floor with us in that first game. But of all the teams that we have seen, they are definitely the most improved. There was just a tremendous amount of improvement, and they gave the girls a run for their money.”

The Commanderettes quickly shifted the momentum back into their favor, though, when they pulled out a tight 27-25 win in the second game.

It was in this game that Mudd saw a sense of urgency in her team, knowing now that Danville was going to be a tough win.

“That’s when they knew they figured out that they had to dig in to win the ball game,” Mudd said. “I was really impressed with their motivation after that.”

From there, WC went on to win 25-17 and then gutted out a 30-28 victory that Mudd believes could have gone to either team.

“Both teams were out there giving it their all,” Mudd said. “It’s great to come out ahead in those types of games.”

The loss for Danville snapped their seven-game winning streak, while  WC accounted for their 17th victory of the season with the win.

WC finished their regular season against North Hardin on Tuesday night after deadline.
Up next for the Commanderettes is the district tournament, which will take place Tuesday–Thursday of next week at WC.