WC tennis unleashes secret weapons

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By The Staff

By Jimmie Earls

Sun Sports Writer

As the Washington County tennis team prepared for the 2009 season, coach Steve Schubart knew something was going to be different this year. The team has added what Schubart calls his secret weapons, the brother combo of Cyrus and Darius Moslemi.

“Cyrus is ranked third in Kentucky and should place high in the regionals and perhaps go to the state tournament,” said Schubart. “Darius is a fifth-grader at North Washington Elementary School.”

The brothers have been around the Kentucky tennis scene for a while. Schubart said the boys were home-schooled before they came to Washington County. They are just coming onto the high school tournament scene.

Washington County traveled to Nelson County for a match on March 26.

In boys’ singles, Cyrus Moslemi defeated Jeremy Sampson and Harrison Simms beat Justin Rankin. This was Simms’ first match as a high school player.

Cody Nally lost to Cody Ellingsworth and Bob Grider was defeated by Jay Barnhart.

In boys’ doubles action, Armando Gaona and Juan Romero lost to Ryan Stallings and Jackson Thompson. Ryan Price and Michael Cook lost to Cody Nelson and Dylan Ball.

“Darius Moslemi was ill for this match,” Schubart said. “Had he been available, we would have probably won the boys match 3-2. Without him, we were defeated 2-3.”

In girls’ singles play, Caitlyn Harrod defeated Brittany Lewellen 6-4, 6-2. Kristen Harrod lost to Morgan Stiles 6-2, 6-2.

In girls doubles action, Molly Hilton and Tasha Hill lost to Emily Handloser and Hannah Moore, while Claire Lutz and Tiffany Graves fell to Amanda Broadus and Amber Vittitow.

“Our girls team is hampered by having only six players,” Schubart added. “This puts us one match down going into every match.”

Next, WC traveled to Marion County for a match on April 1.

In boys’ singles, Cyrus Moslemi beat Austin Spalding, Harrison Simms lost to Joseph George, Darius Moslemi defeated Jordan Culver and Armando Gaona beat Kurt Dulmage.

In boys’ doubles, Juan Romero and Bob Grider lost to Trey Hamilton and Alex Mayo, while Michael Cook and Ryan Price lost to Jacob Burdette and Noah Swencki.

In girls’ singles play, Kristen Harrod lost to Kameron Simmons and Caitlyn Harrod defeated Olivia Thompson.

In girls’ doubles, Molly Hilton and Tasha Hill lost their match in a tiebreaker, while Claire Lutz and Tiffany Graves lost to Brooke Lee and Kelsey Newcome.

“Molly Hilton and Armando Gaona are our only experienced doubles players,” Schubart added. “As we gain more experience, we should become more competitive. In tennis, being match hardened is important, as it is difficult to play under pressure while learning new techniques and strategy. When it becomes more automatic, the doubles teams will do better.”

Schubart said that Marion County challenged the Moslemi matches, saying that they were ineligible because they were home-schooled.

“This is the first time WC has been this good in tennis,” added Schubart. “There’s always somebody who takes it too seriously. Just let them play, it’s not about winning or losing.”

Easy words for a man with a pair of secret weapons.

The WC tennis team is scheduled to host its first home match of the year when they play North Hardin at Idle Hour Park April 9 at 4:30 p.m.