What do we want in a new high school?

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Well, Jeff Moreland posted the question some time back asking if we should get one and now it looks as if that has been decided. I was talking to a school board member the other day and shared my thoughts on what would be important to me if I were planning a new school. What about you? Have you talked to them? What would you tell them about where it should be built? About the type of building? About the services the building should accomodate? About sports facilities?

This person said that we would only get to do this once in our lifetime. What advice can we give them to make sure it is something we can be proud of?

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There are so many things to

There are so many things to talk about here that I wouldn't know where to start. First I think we should always keep in mind that the main priority of a school is offering high quality for teaching. I have an online marketing mba and I was a student to a local school. Now when I look back I don't recall the number of the facilities our school had, the first thing that comes to my mind is the teachers that gave so much of their part to help me get here. So besides the material facts we should always keep in mind that the teachers are the ones that shape people from an early age into becoming successful and productive for our society.