A year of no sleep and new beginnings

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By Jesse Osbourne

With this issue, we close the book on news in 2011.

My favorite story of the year is still the tale of Randall Chesser.
Chesser went missing for 45 hours one September weekend, and conjured up community support that should make this county, and particularly Willisburg, beam.
I doubt I’ll ever forget it.
For one, it’s so compelling. Secondly, it happened three weeks after our publisher took a promotion at another paper in our company.
I was flying solo, a one-man news crew, in a situation that warranted extra coverage.
I gained some experience that weekend.
While Randall was in the woods, lost and confused, I was in the newspaper office, lost and confused.
Obviously, one situation was much worse than the other.
I think I slept two hours the night before the paper went out as I tried to get everything together.
Little sleep had become commonplace at my house.
My daughter came into the world this year, and obviously has changed my life forever.
So, while headlines swirl every week, the biggest news in my life has been my baby girl.
As a young reporter coming up, you look around and think you know some things. The same goes for a guy that’s newly-married to a great gal.
In both scenarios, I’ve found out you know much less than you might think.
I knew parenthood would be hard. Everyone tells you it’s a game-changer. But even then, it’s harder than you expect. At least for me it has been.
Wearing this new editor hat has been harder than I imagined, as well.
Things sometimes look easier from a different perspective.
I appreciate the kindness and friendship I’ve encountered this past year. Let’s keep it going in 2012.