You're probably from Washington County if...

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New Facebook page lets readers share memories of growing up here

By Geoff Hamill


Here at The Springfield Sun, we recently created a page on the social networking website Facebook to encourage people to share their memories of growing up and living in Washington County.

The page is called, “You’re probably from Washington County if...” The page was created on Thursday, Aug. 4, and already has nearly 300 members participating.
Search for the page on Facebook and share your memories, photos and more. They just might end up printed here in The Springfield Sun!
We would also like you to search for “The Springfield Sun” and become a fan of the newspaper. On our page, you’ll find news updates and lots of community information.
Below are some of the early comments posted on the “You’re Probably from Washington County if...” page, and the name of the person who shared them. We hope you enjoy.

Terry Ryan
You remember the OLE BEL VISTA!!!!!!

Jenna Settles Johnson
You know how to get to the donkey tree!!

Joanna Lay Coulter
you have been over the “thrill hills”

Debi Carrico Neace
you partied at the rock quary!

Amy Mattingly Coulter
You remember when Main street was all dug up to be repaved... Remember the old Hotel where the new Courthouse now stands.. The 5 and dime where Snappy Tomato is

Debi Carrico Neace
You could cruise all night on $5 worth of gas!

Valerie Carrico Gray
what about Tatum’s, on the corner of High and Walnut? Penny candy and a liver cheese sandwich...

Joe Allen Carpenter
Snappy Grill Guns an Ammo

Kathy D. Elliott
if you love banana croquettes and stack pie!!!

Joni Harrell
Remember Mr. Black from Mackville school.

Sheena Blake
Dairy Freeze, Dog and Sudds & Snappy Grill Their chili dogs yum. The Mackville Rd. THRILL HILLS!

Jennifer Fenwick Durling
Skated at the Ole roller ring on Bloomfield Rd. or hung out at the “Lot” in town or the “swinging bridge”.

Tracey Carrico
Roller skating inside the Armory, sleigh riding at night on Thurmond’s hill or Hall’s hill on Perryville Road, and Sunday afternoon football games at Haydon’s lot(Walnut & Grundy).

Peggy Jones
Taking life saving lessons at the new city pool from Roland Kimberland

Becky Hamilton Collins
St Dominic School, getting to walk to town for Sister Charlotte and taking orders from everyone about what to get at Mr. Riedel’s Ten cent store

Billy Rue Matherly
I remember the best Deluxe Cheeseburger known to man at the Dairy Freeze on Lebanon Hill

Margaret W. Johnson
You are definitely a Senior Citizen if you remember the Fuzzy Peach on Bloomfield Road

Sheena Blake
If you had Mrs. Doris Shewmaker for your 1st grade teacher. She was the best & still is.

Donna Clark

Billy Rue Matherly
bummin smokes off Paul Smith in the boiler room at the old grade school

Tim Mattingly
Played pool in the basement under Danny Lindsey’s restaurant

Jean Mattingly
If you remember Mr. White’s science experiments that made the whole high school smell like rotten eggs !

Michael Carey
you’ve driven by the Donkey Tree after midnight, bought liquor on Lebanon hill before you were 21 or burned God knows how much gas cruising the “strip” between Dairy Queen & the old car wash...

Jennifer Spalding Smith

when your Friday and Saturday nights consisted of sitting on the back of some truck tailgate in Rite Aid Parking lot hanging out with friends until the local city officers come to run you off! Also, driving down to the Tatum Springs Hotel to get in a few scary stories and scare the crap out of you and your friends....good times!

Mike Crain
The 1816 Courthouse in the 1950s had two outside water fountains - one Colored Only - one White Only . Us young boys would switch the signs and watch for little old white ladies to drink out of the Colored Only fountain. Dew Drop Inn on High Street. Snappy Grill. The Drive-In at the top of Lebanon Hill with GREAT Ice Cream !!