• Developing heifers vs. purchasing


    The Elite Heifer Sale is coming up in October and we thought you may be interested in reading this article from Kenny Burdine, University of Kentucky College of AG Beef Specialist.

  • Time for Turf Maintenance


  • Sharpshooters prepare for state


    By now many Washington County families have been to the Kentucky State Fair and have seen the outstanding job local 4-H and FFA members have been doing in their competitions. Events for youth will continue this week at the Kentucky State Fair and all results and photos will be shared in the Springfield Sun in weeks to come. Great job Washington County 4-H and good luck to those competing this week!

  • Burley tobacco curing advisory website introduced


  • Time to plant a fall vegetable garden


    We had a terribly hot and dry June, followed by a normal July with more moisture and many of our gardens turned into lush weed-infested messes But with most of you, I am sure, the summer garden was a success. In June, I had made the decision to not worry about doing a fall garden mainly because I thought the drought would just get worse, but it didn’t, so now I might plant a few things to munch on into October and early November.

  • WC 4-H members to compete in state fair


  • Kentucky Master Gardener program set to begin


    The Kentucky Master Gardener program is set to begin at the Washington County Extension Office on Wednesday Sept. 5 at 9 a.m. until noon. We will meet each Wednesday morning through mid-November.

  • Nitrate impacting cattle through corn


    Drought-stressed, nitrate-laden corn has caused cattle deaths. That’s all the more reason producers should check nitrate levels of such forage before feeding it.

    In other states, there was one report of 36 dying and another of 16 dying. When all or a large portion of a pen is dead, that’s often times a pretty good indication that the cause was nitrate poisoning, because there isn’t much else that will kill a whole pen of cattle.

  • 4-H sharpshooters compete in District 4 Invitational


    Throughout the summer, members of the Washington County 4-H Sharpshooters Club have been competing in many competitions throughout Central Kentucky. The largest of these competitions is the two-day District 4 Invitational Contest. The first day was June 30 at the Mercer County Gun Club and Washington County 4-H Sharpshooters 22-rifle and pistol team members competed and won many top awards.  

  • Blister beetles cause problems


    Recently I have had several samples of blister beetles brought into the office. They have been on a rampage in a few tomato patches recently.  Blister beetles are about three quarters of an inch to an inch and a quarter long. They have narrow bodies, broad heads, and antennae that are about one-third the length of the entire body.  There are three types or colors in Kentucky, jet black, striped with orange and black, and margined (which were brought in the office) that are black and have a thin gray stripe around the wing covers.