• Pregnancy of cows should weigh into decisions for feed cost

    This article is from Dr. Les Anderson, Beef Extension Specialist, University of Kentucky

  • Beware of cyanide (prussic acide) poisoning

    We received this information from Michelle Arnold, Cindy Gaskill and Ray Smith, University of Kentucky Specialist  in the Forage newsletter. We thought it was a very good information and wanted to share it with you.

  • Washington County 4-H Sharpshooters bring home nearly 40 awards

    For most 4-H projects, the Kentucky State Fair in late August is considered the ending event of the club year, where the best 4-H projects are gathered for judging and presented awards. Kentucky 4-H begins its new program year on Sept. 1, and for the months of Sept. and Oct., youth ages 9-18 are encouraged to complete their enrollment forms for the new club year. In Washington County, youth have until the final day of December that the extension office is open before the holiday break to complete their enrollment forms. This year, that date is Dec. 21.

  • A few helpful landscaping don’ts

  • Corn producers on the lookout for Aflatoxin

    Aflatoxin on Corn:
    Aflatoxin is on the “radar” of corn producers in Kentucky and elsewhere. Reports indicate that the incidence of contamination appears to be low thus far, although occasional rejections from buyers always get the attention of producers. In addition to aflatoxin, fumonisin may show up in occasional corn lots, though I have heard of no reports yet.

  • USDA raises estimates for U.S. corn supply

    (NCGA: September 12) More U.S. corn will be available in 2012 and 2013 than previously anticipated, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released Wednesday. Despite reductions to the corn-production forecast, revised forecasts indicating higher projected carry-in increased overall supply estimates by 108 million bushels.

  • 4-H fair results


  • End of summer doesn’t mean the end of gardening

    Autumn is beautiful with the trees bursting forth with red, yellow, orange, purple and every shade in between. This is the time of year when the usually green leaves get to show off their colors. But did you know that the color was actually there all along? The green pigment or chlorophyll covers it up during the growing season.

  • Corn harvest update in Western Kentucky

    Corn Harvest
    Many of you may be interested in how the harvest is going in Western Kentucky.  Remember now that parts of Western Kentucky are three weeks and some parts two weeks ahead of us. This information is from Dr. Chad Lee, one of our grain specialist at the UK College of Ag.

  • 4-H offers various ways for youth to grow

    If you want to get your hands into something meaningful, 4-H can show you how. Want to learn to raise a rabbit? Bake cupcakes? Rewire a lamp? Sew an outfit? Plant a garden? Cure a country ham? Start a business?

    If you can think of it, there’s a good chance 4-H can provide you with the opportunity to learn how to do it.

    That’s what makes 4-H different from other youth-oriented organizations. It offers a hands-on experience based on what a young person wants to learn.