• Check your tobacco fields weekly

    I have been noticing a lot of worms in tobacco and it has been a problem most of the summer.  There is still a lot of late tobacco so I bring them to your attention through this article.

  • It's time for lawn renovation

  • Spend your Phase 1 money now

    The last two weeks I have been spending a lot of time working on the Phase I tobacco money cost share money in effect now.   What I found out is that locating heifers and bulls is very difficult.  
    There are several factors causing that to happen but the results are still the same and good ones are hard to find. 

  • Kentucky Proud to give product demonstrations

    Visitors at the Kentucky State Fair can try delicious, healthy Kentucky Proud recipes and learn about some of the services the Kentucky Department of Agriculture provides for consumers and farmers during the 107th edition of the state fair Aug. 18-28 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville.

  • Local 4-H'ers keep busy with state fair preparation

  • MAG-60: A new avenue of feeder calf production and marketing

    This article from Dr. Les Anderson telling us about an opportunity for those of you who would be interested in trying some A.I.  It is interesting to that this program started in Washington, Marion and Nelson counties.  

  • Low hay acreage equals high hay prices

    Possible Hay Shortage:  About a month ago I had lunch with somebody who asked me about our hay supply.  His take is that we had plenty and that there shouldn’t be any problems.  I explained that I thought we had a very poor hay spring crop and that I anticipated that there would be shortages.  To that point, I would like to share with you this information that I received for the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.  

  • Time to think about fall vegetable planning

    It seems that the growing season has just begun, however, it is time to start thinking about fall.  Early August is the time to start planting and planning for your fall garden. 
    Many people don’t even think about vegetable gardening in the fall, but it is actually the best time to grow many of our cool season vegetables. 
    Taste and quality of most cool season vegetables is better in the fall because the weather is getting cooler when harvest and ripening time nears instead of hotter like it does in the spring. 

  • Spider mites becoming a problem

    Spider mites are common pests in most landscapes, and tend to feed on just about any plant imaginable.  They aren’t insects, but are actually closely related to ticks and spiders; however, they feed on plant chlorophyll (the green stuff in leaves). Spider mites are very small, usually only about the size of a period at the end of a sentence.  They can multiply very quickly and can overwhelm a plant in just a few days!

  • 4-H members participate in state communications day

    State 4-H Communications Day was held on Saturday, July 9 on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington.  Hundreds of 4-H members from across the state participated in the event that included public speaking and demonstrations.  
    To be eligible for the state event, 4-Her’s must first qualify on the county level and then compete on the district level.  Counties are broken into seven districts.  District champions from each speech and demonstration category are then qualified to advance to the state competition held each year on the UK campus.