• The future of industrial hemp

    We have had several inquiries about the future of industrial hemp and this is what the University of Kentucky College of Ag has given us on their status of industrial hemp.   

    Many in the CAFE community have been receiving requests for information about hemp lately.

  • Renewing farm tags benefits local 4-H and FFA

    Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer has pioneered the Kentucky Farm License Plate Program, allowing Kentucky FFA and 4-H to directly benefit from the sale of “Ag Tags.”

    When a person purchases a Kentucky Farm license plate, they have the opportunity to donate $10, which is divided equally between Kentucky FFA, Kentucky  4-H and Kentucky Proud.

    Farmers can make the voluntary donation of $10 when renewing their farm license plates at the county clerk’s office in March.

  • The cold temperatures and alfalfa

    Concern always arises in cold periods over winter about the effect of the low temperatures on alfalfa winter survival. This is of some concern because certainly the alfalfa plant will die if exposed to cold enough temperatures.

    However, generally, alfalfa survives the winter and its periodic cold spells. The reasons are:

    1.) Alfalfa can survive temperatures of -10 to -15°F.

    2.) This is the temperature of the crown, not the top growth.

  • 4-H News

    The weather has certainly been a factor for many events and activities in the community and school being cancelled or postponed to another date this winter.

    The policy with 4-H is that if school is cancelled, then the 4-H event for that day is cancelled. There are some exceptions if it concerns a district, state or livestock event.

    Often notification is sent out through our office one call system. We ask our 4-H families to be aware of this system and to listen to the messages fully to receive the complete details.  

  • 10 keys to starting seeds at home

    Have you been looking through the ton of seed catalogs that have been popping up in your mailbox since late fall?    

    Do you look through them and make notes about varieties you want and admire the new exotic looking plants?  

    Do you think, oh, I can just buy one or two of those this spring at the garden center?  

    Think back to last spring: Were you disappointed when you went to buy those new and different varieties and the garden center had the same old petunias, geraniums, zinnias and whatever else you can think of?

  • WC 4-H volunteer recognized

    Washington County 4-H volunteer, Tana Wells, was recognized by KY 4-H as one of the top five 4-H horse club leaders in the state at the KY 4-H Volunteer Forum Awards Banquet held Friday night at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington.  

    The awards night was a part of the three-day forum held every other year for volunteers across the state. The forum theme was “Celebrating 4-H with the Stories We Tell” and the forum included workshops, 4-H program exhibits, commercial exhibits and recognition events the volunteers attended.  

  • Prune fruit trees in February

    When we get some relief from the cold weather, this month is the time to do some yard work.

    February is the right time to prune most fruit trees.  

    Apples, plums, pears, cherries and just about any other tree fruit you can think of needs a little help now before they actively start pushing out new growth.

    Peaches are the only ones you should wait on; prune them after flowering.  

    Pruning is a necessary process that will increase your yields, decrease insect and disease problems and give you a healthy tree in the process.

  • Latest update on farm bill

    This is the latest updated from Dr. Will Snell, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Food and Environment, Department of Agriculture Economics:

    After several years of debate, extensions and much uncertainty, a new farm bill moved much closer to reality this week as the U.S. House voted 251 to 166 to support The Agricultural Act of 2014.

    The U.S. Senate is taking up the bill very soon, with passage anticipated, and the President is expected to sign the 2014 farm bill into law within the next week or two.

  • Several 4-H activities upcoming

    4-H members can kick off the new year by getting involved in several upcoming activities.  

    4-H members can let their creative side shine by participating in the District 5 4-H Poetry Contest.  

    The rules for the contest were in the January  4-H newsletter and can be picked up at the extension office or accessed from the 4-H webpage, http://washington.ca.uky.edu.

    Poems must be the original work of the 4-H member and must be titled.  The poem can be on any subject.

  • Cold weather not causing many garden troubles yet

    As you know, January is probably the slowest time of the year for the garden, and this year, it is slower than normal because it has been brutally cold and a little snowy.   

    We actually had daffodils blooming last year at this time, which was ridiculously early even in protected areas.   

    There are a few things to discuss, however.

    First of all, the fruit crops and most everything that you may have planted that are hardy to zone six are just fine.