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  • Robinson honored with Youth Salute award
  • The badge that bonds

    Growing up, A.J. Lewis looked up to his father, Ray, as a hero who helped the people of Bardstown, but he also knew the dangers his father faced and would cry when he wasn’t home on time.

    As an adult, A.J. now walks in his father’s footsteps, as Sgt. A.J. Lewis for the Springfield Police Department.

    A.J. has been an officer for about a year and a half and is one of the few African-Americans to become sergeant in the region. Ray was the first African-American to become a major in Bardstown.

  • Passion to ride

     SPRINGFIELD — Two Washington County residents have found a way to turn their passions into a friendly competition with a little help from a Burgin-based business.

    You can likely find Sherrell Cornish and Bill Newton on the open road this time of year, as they share a love of motorcycles that goes beyond the elements and in fact, encourages them.

  • Popular site remembers 'Growing up in The 'Burg'

     FREDERICKTOWN — A Facebook site devoted to a small village in western Washington County is  helping past and present residents there reconnect. 

    Since its January launch, the page — “Growing up in the Burg” — has attracted nearly 500 followers who often share photos and memories of  the Fredericktown community — dubbed simply “The Burg” by most locals.  

  • Serving up a side of 'jams'

    It’s shortly after 2 p.m. on Friday and the Catholic lunch crowd who came for the Lenten fish special has largely died down. Less than an hour from now a stream of loud high schoolers is expected to descend on Cecconi’s, the small, family-owned diner on Main Street in Springfield.

  • Catholics, others marking 40-day holy season of Lent

    There’s something unique about Lent 2013, according to Father Ben Brown. 

    “It will start with one pope and get to Easter with another one,” Brown told attendees at a Mass on Ash Wednesday at St. Catharine College. “But that change is not as important as the change that Jesus asks for in your heart.” 

    Local Catholics and other Christian denominations marked the 40-day holy observance of Lent beginning on Feb. 13 — just days after an aging Pope Benedict XVI announced his plans to retire from the papacy. He is 85. 

  • Local library advancing on new downtown lot

     SPRINGFIELD — Library officials are expected to meet Thursday to discuss the feasibility of  a new downtown building. In December, the library board paid $225,000 for a Main Street lot near Fairgrounds Lane, according to property records. 

    A warehouse was demolished there and an approximately 10,000 square-feet library is expected to be erected on the site to replace the current 49-year-old building. 

    The new Washington County Public Library is expected to double the size of the existing structure.

  • Old church to get new life as clinic
  • Fredericktown gets mini makeovers

    FREDERICKTOWN — Washington County officials are already working toward setting up next year’s budget, which goes into effect July 1, and continued improvements at the Fredericktown park will be among the focal points.

    In recent years, the park has been transformed with the resurfacing of the basketball and tennis courts and parking area, improvement of the walking track and re-roofing of the pavilion, as well as other upgrades, but one big problem remains.

  • Downtown Protesters: NObama

    SPRINGFIELD — Travelers down Main Street in Springfield and visitors to the post office surely noticed something out of the norm last Thursday, with a pair of guests that were welcomed by some, but not so much by others.

    Alan Demers and Jenny Burns of Michigan set up photos of President Barack Obama brandishing an Adolf Hitleresque mustache with signs declaring “Pull over to stop Obama” on the sidewalk in front of the post office on Thursday morning. It incited plenty of attention.