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  • Few crimes reported during storm

    On Monday morning, a tire tool was still lying in the middle of the floor at the Southern States store on Bardstown Road in Springfield. The tool served as a reminder of the burglary that took place there over the weekend, according to store manager Tony Hamilton.

    “They busted the front door out with a tire tool,” he said of the weekend’s burglary, which saw the store lose about $4,000 worth of inventory, most of which was in the form of propane heaters.

  • SCC's Bat Pats prepare for Mid-South debut

    By Jimmie Earls

    Sun Sports Writer

    The gym at Lourdes Hall has been echoing with the sound of popping leather and the ping of aluminum bats. While most Major League baseball players are gearing up to report to spring training in sunny Florida or warm Arizona, the St. Catharine Patriots are preparing for their upcoming baseball season by hitting the hardwood. Lourdes Hall is the scene of preseason prep work while the temperature outside hovers in the mid to high 20s, and snow and ice cover the baseball diamond.

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  • Saturday school possible as calendar is reviewed

    By Jimmie Earls

    Sun Staff Writer

    It’s every student’s wish to get a day off from school because of snow. But behind every school cancellation, there’s a lot of hard work, and eventually the time off needs to be made up somewhere.

  • SCC men win first conference game

    SCC Sports Information

    The St. Catharine College Patriots lost a game last Thursday to the visiting Georgetown Tigers, the nation’s #2 team that came to Lourdes Hall toting a record of 20-1. But it was the 76-60 setback that head coach J.T. Burton said led his team to their first conference win at home on Saturday against Campbellsville University.

  • How to prune ice damaged trees

    The ice storm of 2009 will go down as one of the worst, if not the worst on record. With that said, soon if not already, electricity will be restored, water will be restored, clean-up will begin, and we will go about our lives as if nothing happened. However, there is still a nagging long term problem, trees! The scars from this storm are going to be troubling us for years. We will be cutting down and pruning up trees of all sizes and ages. This is only going to cause problems down the road.

  • Patriot women fall twice

    SCC Sports Information

    The St. Catharine College women lost two Mid-South Conference games at home last week. They fell 82-68 to Georgetown and 79-66 to Campbellsville. But while those setbacks were understandably disappointing for head coach Lena Bramblett, she could see a positive side of her team’s play.

    “Losing is not OK and never will be,” said Bramblett after her team dropped to 11-12 overall and 1-4 in the conference. “But our kids played hard and we were right in both games until the final minutes.”

  • Keys to a profitable forage program

    REMEMBER YOU ARE A FORAGE FARMER - Forage typically accounts for over half the cost of production of forage – consuming animals and provides most of their nutrition.  Thus, it has a major influence on both expenses and income Forage is the crop and animals are the harvesters or consumers.  Efficient forage production and utilization are essential to a profitable operation.

  • Games this week at SCC against nationally ranked teams

    SCC Sports Information

    There will be plenty of exciting Mid-South Conference basketball played at St. Catharine College over the next few days as some of the league’s better teams will visit Lourdes Hall.

  • St. Catharine College plans big expansion of athletic programs

    SCC Sports Information

    The stars must have been aligned right for St. Catharine College athletic director Mike Doig. Upon taking the job at SCC last July, Doig set one of his main priorities as the expansion of the athletic offerings, including a track & field program and cross country. But finding a coach to start a program from scratch would no doubt be a formidable task.