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  • Assault suspect arrested

    An investigation that was mentioned in a previous issue of The Sun has been closed with the arrest of Jesus Saucedo, 27, of Springfield, on May 20.

    According to Springfield Police, Saucedo is accused of assaulting Veatriz Ramirez-Vega on May 10 at their home at 155 Lebanon Hill Road, leading to Ramirez-Vega being hospitalized with a concussion and other facial injuries.

    The updated police report also states that a child was present at the time of the incident. The child, however, did not sustain any injuries according to the report.

  • Battle with Hodgkin’s left impact on Carrico


    The year was 1998.

    Fran Carrico was just about to graduate with a bachelor’s from Bellarmine College (now university) when she found out news that would completely change her life: she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease.

    She had gone to the doctor to find out about a knot on the left side of her chest. About a month later, she was diagnosed with cancer.

    She was only 21 at the time, though, and the intricate details of what she had just been told didn’t quite sink in, according to Carrico.

  • Keeping the faith

    Greg Bowen’s will has been tested before.

    He was involved in a serious car accident two years ago that nearly cost him his life. Now, Bowen is fighting once again, only this time the opponent is cancer.

    “That was just kind of preparation for this, I think, in a lot of ways,” Bowen said of the wreck. “My relationship with God, my relationship with others, the way I see life; it’s changed the way I look at life altogether.”

  • Real estate scam pops up in county

    A letter has been making the rounds to Washington County residents in recent weeks in an attempt to scam recipients out of money for a copy of their property deed.

    The letters may look authentic, but Washington County PVA Chief Deputy Marilyn O’Bryan said they’re anything but.

    “People get that letter thinking that it came from us because it looks so official,” she said. “We want to make it known that this is a scam and people need to be aware of it.

  • PHOTOS: WCHS graduation 2014
  • Tomato diseases showing up

    Foliar tomato diseases have been showing up in a few area gardens in the last few weeks, so it’s time to take precautions to keep these diseases in check when they visit your garden.

    I say when, because if you grow tomatoes in Kentucky, you will undoubtedly get foliar diseases.

    The primary two diseases that I have noticed are early blight and septoria leaf spot. It doesn’t really matter if you know which of these you have, but more that you have leaf spots that need to be controlled.

  • Ag news

    Central Kentucky Premier Heifer Sale:

    This Saturday, June 7, will be our Central Kentucky Premier Heifer Sale beginning at 1 p.m. at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Lebanon.

  • 4-H starts off strong in summer competitions

    Washington County 4-H members have gotten off to a great start this summer in district competitions.  

    This week, the first results from shooting sports will be shared including highlights from Spencer County, McCracken and Adair county invitationals.

  • SCC wrestling adds to its first-ever recruiting class

    The St. Catharine College Patriots wrestling team has gotten off to a fast start for the program’s inaugural season, signing four top recruits in just the past week.

    Dan Reed
    The St. Catharine Patriots show that they have no fear of branching out with the addition of “folk-style” wrestler Dan Reed.

  • WC native helps Bethlehem advance to region final

    Playing third base is all instinct, according to John Riney.

    When the ball is hit down the line, you can’t do anything but react.

    “You don’t do any of the work,” said Riney, who just finished his senior year at Bethlehem High School. “It’s just your body reacting to the ball.”

    He’s always exhibited a great knack for responding to wherever the ball is hit, although he started off his career at shortstop.