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  • Jimmie Reed is state's top advocate for football

    Peter W. Zubaty
    LCNI News Service

    A Springfield native sits at the center of the high school football universe in Kentucky, still serving as one of the sport’s chief advocates decades after he hung up his coaching whistle.

    Jimmie Reed, 62, who attended St. Joe Prep in Bardstown until its 1968 closing, finished up high school at Washington County before playing on a football scholarship for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, despite missing his senior high school season because of a knee injury.

  • WC golf ready to start season

    Head coach Bobby Bartholomai is sure of one thing as his Washington County High School golf teams get their seasons underway: it’s going to be a fun year

    “This group is really a respectful group of kids,” Bartholomai said. “They pay attention. They listen. They take instruction well. Having a group like this is just a great thing for a coach.”
    Bartholomai’s teams will consist of eight boys and three girls.

  • PHOTOS: African-American Heritage Festival
  • Man found dead in car on Booker Road

    A man was found dead in his vehicle early Friday morning at the parking lot of the Springfield reservoir on Booker Road, according to a report released by the Kentucky State Police.

    The Washington County Sheriff’s Office was first on the scene some time after 8:30 a.m., after a resident in the area reported seeing what appeared to be a body inside the car.

  • Home-grown potato and onion storage tips

    If you are trying to get your fall garden started, you have probably run into a problem.  

    You need to harvest your onions and potatoes but now wonder what in the world you are going to do with them to keep them from spoiling before you eat them.

    Well, you are not alone. I have the same problem. I usually store them as best as I can and take my losses, but there are some things that can be done to increase the storage time for these vegetables.

    With potatoes, there is one thing to keep in mind.

  • Stable flies a pest for livestock

    The stable fly is a blood-sucker that looks like a house fly but has a piercing-type mouthpart that projects forward from the front of its head.

    Males and females feed on warm-blooded animals and humans, usually around the lower leg or ankles. They will also attack dogs, biting them mostly on the ears.

    Stable flies are not limited to barns and stables; they will rest around houses and attack people, too. Stable flies are strong fliers; they can cause problems at least two miles from their breeding sites.

  • WC youth perform well in 4-H Talk Meet program

    One of the largest fears for many people is public speaking.  

    Over the years, hundreds of Washington County youth have learned to conquer that fear through the 4-H Talk Meet program held in cooperation with the local schools.  

    For three Washington County youth this summer, they were able to take their public speaking skills to an even higher level with their participation in the State 4-H Communications Day.  

  • Brandon Johnson to Thomas Nelson

    Tom Dekle
    Nelson County Schools

    One of the newest high schools in the state, Thomas Nelson, went with a coaching newcomer to fill the void atop the boys’ basketball program, tabbing former St. Catharine player and assistant coach Brandon Johnson to lead the Generals.

  • COLUMN: Welcome to the Space Sham

    Let’s look past the obvious: aliens that can steal player’s basketball skills, Looney Tunes luring Michael Jordan into Looney Tune land and when Michael Jordan’s hand CLEARLY goes past the hoop on the final basket but we later see him hanging on the rim.

    Space Jam, one of my favorite childhood memories, is flawed for so many reasons that only an adult basketball mind can fathom, something I rediscovered this past week.

  • SCC sports see continued growth

    While the 2014-2015 collegiate sports season is still in its offseason, St. Catharine College has been hard at work to continue making strides in its athletics department.

    And the results have been noticeable.

    For starters, SCC has already seen several new facility enhancements with more still on the way.