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  • 4-H celebrates country ham house

    Washington County 4-H held a country ham dinner recently in honor of some very special community members who made our new Country Ham House a reality!  

  • Ag news

    The following article is from the Kentucky Cattlemen Newsletter, and we feel it is some good information and want to share it with you all.

    Consumers are confused about the causes of antibiotic resistance, a new poll conducted by Nielsen/The Harris Poll for the American Meat Institute and released this week has found.

    In the survey, conducted online in March 2014 among 2,100 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, participants were asked, “According to the CDC, which of the following is the greatest contributing factor to human antibiotic resistance?”

  • WC track competes at state

    The Washington County Commander track team qualified for two events during this past week’s state championship at the University of Kentucky outdoor track complex.

    In individual competition, WC senior Ty’Lyn Byas participated in the Class 1A 100-meter dash.

    Running in the second heat, Byas was clocked at 11.75 seconds.

    The time, which was nearly identical to his regional tournament performance (11.74 seconds), was good enough for fifth in his heat and 14th in his class.

  • COLUMN: Buyer Beware

    Joel Embiid should not be the first overall pick in next year’s NBA draft.

    It’s not because he is already suffering problems with his back and knees (but it doesn’t help).

    It’s not because so many big men with those same problems have been absolute flops (although it’s not encouraging).

    And it certainly isn’t because he’s not talented (please excuse the double negative).
    It’s just the result of an evolving NBA.

  • SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Embracing Change

    For Mercedes Cowherd, one of the greatest joys of playing softball is the bond that it creates among teammates.

    Since she started playing the sport in tee-ball, it was the one thing that always stuck out. No matter your situation off the field, everyone on a team develops a closeness that others couldn’t fathom.

    This is especially true when it comes to her fellow seniors, most of whom she has played with since she was first able to swing a bat.


    Olivia Goatley has always played shortstop.

    That’s been her position for as long as she can remember playing softball, and it’s the spot that she knew she was destined to play in high school.

    “I’ve always played short(stop),” Goatley said. “I just really like playing there. It keeps you on your feet because you have to field a lot of balls.”

    Because she has always played shortstop and knows all of the intricate details that go along with it, she credits her defense as her greatest attribute.

  • SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Bring the Heat

    Every time Hannah Coulter steps into the pitcher’s circle, she gets that same jolt of adrenaline, the kind that lets her know that she is just where she needs to be.
    It’s what she wanted to do ever since she was little. She took her first pitching lesson at the age of 9.

    “I’ve just always wanted to pitch,” Hannah said. “I like the aspect that you always have the ball. I lose focus pretty easily, so I would be lost if I wasn’t involved as much as I am.”

  • PHOTOS: Wining & steining
  • Lozano selected for youth advisory board

    Bethlehem High School sophomore Mirna Lozano has been selected as a member of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) of the Archdiocese of Louisville.  YAB is made up of 52 high school leaders from all over the Archdiocese of Louisville who represent geographic regions and diversity.  Each member is personally nominated by the Archdiocesan staff, their parish or school adult leaders.

  • PHOTOS: Spring sing and prep at NWS