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  • Hills start on the long road to recovery

    June 20 is a date Tony and Connie Hill will never forget. That’s the date the Willisburg couple was involved in a motorcycle accident that changed their lives forever.

  • Boys and girls T-ball keeps rolling along

    By Jimmie Earls

    Sun Sports Writer

    It's been another fun and frantic week of T-ball play at Idle Hour Park. The kids seem to be having a lot of fun at the plate and in the field, and when the game gets a little boring for the young ones, they always seem to find an interesting and sometimes entertaining way to pass the time.

  • St. Catharine sister hosts book signing

    First there was Signadou, Sr. Paschala Noonan’s first book that is French for “sign from God”. Noonan, a Dominican Sister, planned to closely follow that publication on the history of Kentucky Dominican Sisters with a pictorial history of the Kentucky Dominicans titled La Bella Brigata (The Beautiful Circle of Friends).

  • Social News and Events


    Hamilton: It's a boy!

    Sara and Stuart Hamilton of New Hope announce the birth of their son on March 5, 2009 at Clark Memorial Hospital in Clark County, Ind.

    David Michael weighed 8 pounds, 4.5 ounces and was 21 inches in length.



    Tara Lee Shain and Jody Dean Ennis

  • Blue mold risk is fairly low

    Here are the latest tobacco updates from Kenny Seebold, U.K. tobacco specialist and I thought you would like to read about them.

    As of June 22, blue mold has been found in two counties in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Disease has not spread significantly beyond the areas that were reported to have been affected originally.

  • From Left Field

    Rookie year in review

  • New Pioneers celebrate 500th "green home"

    For many Washington County homes, the future is bright, and it may just be bright green.

    New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future, a community based non-profit organization founded in Washington County in 2005, is celebrating its 500th Green Pioneer Home.

  • From Left Field

    I just got back into Springfield on Sunday after spending a few days in hot and humid St. Louis. My main purpose in visiting was to attend the wedding of one of my former band mates. It also gave me an excuse to see Cindy and check out how the house is coming along that we’re fixing up to sell. I thought it would be nice to get away for a while and leave work behind. So what did I do while I was in The Lou? Why, take pictures, of course!

  • Washington County youth leagues sizzle

    By Jimmie Earls

    Sun Sports Writer

    It's been a crazy time at Idle Hour Park as five, count 'em, five youth leagues are keeping the diamonds busy. Along with 9-11-year-old softball, there are also boys and girls coach pitch leagues going strong as well as boys and girls T-ball. Come out and enjoy exciting and entertaining youth league action in between heat waves and thundershowers.

  • Commanders hold summer baseball camp

    Washington County Commander head baseball coach Derek Schuler took to the field again on Monday to instruct youngsters on improving their baseball skills. Schuler and his staff put the kids through pitching drills and fielding exercises, plus they also got a chance to improve their swing for better contact at the plate. Money raised through the camp supports the high school baseball program.