• Me, Jenny and Ranger Randy

    A few weeks ago I wrote an article about 24 days of extreme outdoor hiking, repelling, rock climbing, and canoeing I did with a group called Outward Bound North Carolina some 34 years ago. I lost 30 pounds during that time and looked like a survivor of a Nazi death camp at the end.  I was young and dumb then.
    Now, I’m just old and dumb.

  • Earn it yourself, kid

    The way I see it, in many ways this country is headed down hill fast; it’s in high gear and nobody’s touching the brakes.

  • Surveillance nation

    I’m 57 years old. When I was a kid I use to ask my parents, “What do we have now that you didn’t have when you were growing up?”

    The list was remarkably small. About the only thing they could think of was jets and televisions.

    If my kids asked me the same question today, I could give them dozens of items off the top of my head. Lots of the new stuff can be very helpful. For example, having a cell phone when your car breaks down on the highway. But other things have a real dark side.

  • What’s your excuse?

    George Washington Carver, the botanist and inventor—who as a black man in the Reconstruction era of nineteenth century America had reason upon reason for not succeeding—once observed, “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

    Carver made a conscious decision not to allow his disadvantages keep him from making positive contributions to life.

  • My farewell to Washington County

    I knew this day would come, but I admit, I didn’t think it would be so soon.

    This week’s publication will be my last as editor of The Springfield Sun, as I’ve accepted a position with the Kentucky Cabinet of Economic Development as a communications officer. I’ll start the new job on June 16 and I’ll be taking plenty of memories of Washington County with me.

    Starting with everyone at The Sun office; they’ve become a second family to me.

  • Our future, our hope

    I attended a Sunday service a few weeks ago at the Rockbridge Baptist Church out around Willisburg. The pastor, Terry McIlvoy, at one point made an appeal for donations to a local nonprofit called the House of Hope.

    Last Sunday, I was at the St. Rose Catholic Church and Father McGrath made an appeal for the House of Hope. In fact, several different churches, of different denominations, around the county have made appeals for money for the House of Hope.

    What is the House of Hope?

    What do they do?

  • Hurry up and wait
  • First televisions in Washington County

    There’s one invention from the 20th century that has influenced more history than any other. It’s television. Hey kids, if your grandparents and great grandparents give you the devil about your cell phones and the internet then you remind them of what old Ken Begley said about them concerning televisions in this article. They were as addicted to televisions as you are to these new confounded electronics we have all about us now.

  • Bloom like an amaryllis

    My wife, Lori, and I are not good with houseplants. When she brings home a new plant, I shake my head, knowing the plant’s likely demise. I want to pull it aside and whisper, “I’m so sorry she bought you. I promise I’ll pray for you.”

    If plants could muster a police force, they would charge Lori and me with negligent homicide.

    So last year, when some well-meaning friends gave us an amaryllis for Christmas, I thanked them kindly.

  • Where are your manners?

    I’m the first one to admit the world is ever changing, and that people, along with all of the other creatures on the earth, are slowly evolving. Sometimes, however, changes aren’t always for the best, and the traits we inherit may actually harm us in the end.