• Still remember

    I was in my eighth-grade civics class at Springfield Elementary School (Middle School did not exist there then—eighth-grade play, eighth-grade trip and eighth-grade graduation were BIG events then—a simpler time).  Some adult came to our class to tell us about the president being shot.  We were all in shock!  These things did not happen 50 years ago.

    I noticed they did not go to the room next door where my favorite seventh- and eighth-grade history teacher was teaching—Mrs. Anna Mae Clarkson. 

  • No escaping the reality of global warming

    I sat down to the evening news. That’s not always the best thing to do if you want to unwind for the day, which was my intent.

  • Do not be misled

    ‘Even paranoids have enemies’
    - Golda Meir,
    Prime Minister of Israel

    I love quotes. Most say simple truths in a few words. Others are totally misleading.

    Take this one in the misleading category for instance: “Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.” Bull hockey! I’ve been to a few girls’ grade school basketball games. I think I’ve seen a few moves made on the court that are in the Marine Corps Close-Quarter Combat Manual.

  • Living on the way of life’s exit

    We are young”
    - Fun.

    It’s 7 a.m. on any given weekday, and the regular crowd shuffles in. No one asks where to sit; it’s been settled by habit over the years.

    I’m at the retirement facility in Lubbock, Texas, where my mom and dad live. And on this day, I join my dad’s breakfast bunch. This morning Dad, age 89, is undergoing a knee replacement while Mom, 92, waits in their apartment.

  • The man that would not quit

    “Never give in and never give up.”
    - Hubert H. Humphrey

    America loves a winner.

    But do you know what they love even more?

    It’s the underdog.

    The fighter.

    The guy that faces impossible odds but keeps getting up no matter how many times he gets knocked down to the mat.

    We watch in awe and amazement from the sidelines of life as we constantly take the measure of these people and put their lives on the scale with our own. Each time we come up short on our end.

  • Seeing past color

    Moriah Hourigan

    (Editor’s note: This column was used with permission from the RaiderView, a student newspaper at Lindsey Wilson College, where it was originally published on Oct. 11).

    I am bi-racial. My mother is white; my father is black. My entire life, I have been exiled as the “other.”

    I always had too curly hair and too dark of a skin tone to be friends with the white kids. I had hair that was too straight and skin that was too light to be friends with the black kids.

  • In defense of millenials

    Hillary C. Wright
    Guest Columnist

    With the latest crop of college graduates out pounding the pavement in their job search, you’ve probably heard the generalizations and seen the hesitation of many employers in the hiring of the millennial. This new generation has been identified by so many undesirable traits that it seems nearly impossible to overcome the reputation.

  • Fast foods and diets

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets.”
    - Unknown Author

    Let’s face it. Fast food and diets don’t belong in the same sentence.

    Still, I once developed a plan to limit my fast food intake and save money. It seemed foolproof but ended up backfiring on me.

  • Something to talk about

    She lowered her eyes as if she were too ashamed to look at me. Her quivering voice revealed the emotional pain she was experiencing: “Pastor, what those people are saying about me just isn’t true.”

  • It lives!

    There’s something about October that makes it just right for tales about the supernatural, the unexplained and things that go “bump” in the night. It makes you pull the covers over your head, check under the bed and double-check all your locks on the doors around the house when the moon is full and the wind is coldly blowing.

    Still, everybody loves a good story that sends a few shivers down your back and make your neck hairs stand up.