• Fast foods and diets

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets.”
    - Unknown Author

    Let’s face it. Fast food and diets don’t belong in the same sentence.

    Still, I once developed a plan to limit my fast food intake and save money. It seemed foolproof but ended up backfiring on me.

  • Something to talk about

    She lowered her eyes as if she were too ashamed to look at me. Her quivering voice revealed the emotional pain she was experiencing: “Pastor, what those people are saying about me just isn’t true.”

  • It lives!

    There’s something about October that makes it just right for tales about the supernatural, the unexplained and things that go “bump” in the night. It makes you pull the covers over your head, check under the bed and double-check all your locks on the doors around the house when the moon is full and the wind is coldly blowing.

    Still, everybody loves a good story that sends a few shivers down your back and make your neck hairs stand up.

  • Shake it off

    A lot of people have been up in arms over the last week after the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) issued a directive on postgame handshakes.

    Columnists throughout Kentucky and even sports writers across the nation and ESPN have gotten in on the conversation.

    For the most part, the sentiment has been harsh against the KHSAA, criticizing them for taking away the most traditional sign of sportsmanship in amateur athletics.

  • Our man in Washington

    The campaign bus from Crazyville came to town the other day and my congressman, Representative Muck Flim-Flam Schmuck, Jr., got off.

    I’m proud to say that I voted for Schmuck when he first ran for congress.

    Everybody says we’re lucky to have that Schmuck up in congress watching out for our interest. He’s the finest politician that money can buy, and believe me, I understand that lobbyists are buying all they can.

  • The town, it is a-changin’

    It’s no secret that Washington County is undergoing a lot of change right now. There are a lot of new—and improved—things on the horizon, and that’s got me thinking about what the community will look like in, say, five years.

    Really, not even that long, because so many projects have already been set in motion.

  • Now I want to sing

    Some people are gifted with beautiful solo voices to bless an audience; other singers, perhaps not quite as vocally talented, bless others with quartet voices; then there are those that bless others by not singing.

    I’ve always thought of myself as being in that latter category.

    But that’s changed of late.

    Let me back up.  

  • Daddy, you’re going to be a grandpa

    “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”
    - God

    It always makes me laugh when I hear someone question the existence of God.

    I don’t get mad.

    I just laugh.

    Why can’t they believe?

    Is His existence any more inconceivable than our own?

    If you do look around, you will see evidence of God in all His glory, love and wisdom.

    So much of what He created brings so much pleasure to us.

  • Yet another hidden gem

    I’ve been at The Springfield Sun for two years now, and I can say without question that I still learn something new about Washington County every single week.

    Whether it’s meeting an interesting new person with a story to tell or discovering a place I had no idea existed, the story of Washington County is always unfolding in front of me.

  • What murders cannot kill

    There’s a surprising grace that falls our way whenever someone unexpectedly sings a beautiful song.

    It was a Susan Boyle moment whenever Angela Hockensmith began her solo in our church one Sunday morning. I could sense people looking wide-eyed at each other. Like me, they were silently saying, “I didn’t know she could sing like that.”