• Time for a written agreement


    By the time you read this, the issue may have been worked out.

  • The 396th


  • The root of economic problems


    In a time when we are all concerned with economic stability, Mr. Berry is a clear voice urging us to trace our economic problems to their roots. 

  • The time is ripe for Wendell Berry


    If you haven’t heard, then you may be the last to hear, the passion, teachings, insights and philosophy of Wendell Berry is coming to St. Catharine College.

  • A reaction to KIDS COUNT data


    I love the community I live in (Lebanon) and the community I work in (Springfield).
    However, it seems there is work to do.

  • Legislative update from State Senator Jimmy Higdon

    By the time you are reading this, a week will have passed since the monster tornadoes targeted many of our communities.

    I want to tell the victims that you are not alone; Kentucky stands with you.
    The Red Cross has been overwhelmed with Kentuckians’ generosity, so much so, that they are now asking for cash donations instead of material items.

  • The Fighting Fourth


  • A dodged bullet, thankfully

    The day began at 5:30 a.m. My wife was awake in our king-sized bed. Her tossing woke me up, too.
    She was concerned about the weather reports she was reading.

    “This doesn’t look good,” she said.
    My wife sometimes thinks the sky is falling when she reads weather reports.
    She says an extra prayer for snow days, asks incessantly if I think there will be snow and checks every weather blog she can find.
    I’m used to her having a strong reaction to the forecasts.

  • Legislative update from Senator Higdon

    Another week goes by in a whirl of legislative meetings, visits from hometown folks and organized groups, such as 4-H and the 874K Coalition.

    Even though the House has yet to act on the budget proposal, senators continue to educate ourselves and monitor the budget meetings in the House. 
    In addition, senators continue to meet in small groups to review the different budget needs of the various agencies.
    We expect to receive the House proposal next week.
    Let’s dig in on the legislative happenings.

  • The Magic Milk Jug

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wondering where my money has gone. I can’t find it anywhere. It balances out though, because neither can my creditors.

    Is it just me or have prices on just about everything started to take a great big leap up?  Yes sir, things are definitely going to the bad place in a hand basket.
    Did you know I’m an accountant by trade? Yep, I’d trade that occupation for just about anything else, but that’s a different story. We’re talking money here.