• Why do questions aggravate us?

    Sister Mary Schmuck

    Guest Columnist


  • 'Twas the night before Thanksgiving


  • Two stars, one family

    The other day, the Springfield Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW) awarded Jan Fattizzi its 2011 Woman of Achievement award for her “tireless efforts for the Central Kentucky Community Theatre and St. Dominic School.”

  • Time to open up the mailbag


  • Occupy in a culture of discontent


    “Cause it’s a bittersweet  symphony, this life.
    Trying to make ends meet,
    you’re a slave to money then you die.”
    - The Verve,  “Bittersweet Symphony”

  • The Power of WOMAN

    It doesn’t take a very close examination of this week’s The Springfield Sun to see an abundance of successful, high-achieving women on the pages.

    It thrills me to see the recognition that Laurie Smith, Sister Claire McGowan, Jan Fattizzi and Pat Kirsch have received recently.
    I’ve worked with most of these women on several occasions, and have been impressed by each for their many talents. Springfield and Washington County are undoubtedly a better place because of these hard-working visionaries.

  • Dear God, it’s me again

    Since our inception in 1993, The Caring Place has written many articles in The Lebanon Enterprise. I have given insight of the feelings and the pain of domestic violence from the point of view of the women who have experienced it. I have explained to you about the struggles of the families who came to us, and what they face daily. We have also given the perspectives from staff.

  • “FOOD” for thought

    I know that fall has officially arrived on the farm when the farmer’s pants are covered with stick tights from belt to hem. 

    After the laundry, shredded cockleburrs surface in the most unexpected places, such as underwear and sheets, in spite of diligent prewash searches.  All the resident wildlife is moving to shelter to survive the coming winter; the annual invasion of field mice, crickets, and spiders into the house is well underway.  

  • Thin Within

    Sometimes I love to sit down and write silly little stories and hope that I make someone, somewhere, forget their troubles for a while and laugh.  Today is not one of those days. 

    I have a serious topic to write on with the permission of my wife, Cindy.  The reason I asked her is because it’s related to her life and common throughout the U.S.  The story is about Cindy’s overeating problem.

  • Help us celebrate Veteran’s Day

    Veteran’s Day is on Nov. 11, but here at The Sun we are getting a head start on honoring this country’s veterans.

    We are trying to gather information on veterans in the county, or relatives of residents in the county who are veterans, so that we can honor them in the Nov. 9 issue of the paper.
    The information we are looking for is listed on page A9. As you can see, we’re also looking for pictures.