• State legislators staying busy in Frankfort

    Legislative committees were hard at work this week approving many bills that then moved to the Senate floor for consideration by the full body.

  • People are work

    “People are work, brother. A lot of work. Too much work.”

  • My van hates my daughter

    It’s my belief that cars and trucks actually have personalities. Some are good natured all the time, some are grumpy in the morning, some love a challenge like running through snow, some don’t like to be rained on, some like it hot, and some like it cold. Then again, some can be just plain ornery when they feel they’ve not been given proper respect.

  • A crime against nature


  • You wanna bet?


    “I’d be willing to bet you, if I was a betting man, that I’ve never bet on baseball.”

  • The Odd Couple

    “Life goes on, even for those of us who are divorced, broke, and sloppy.”
    Oscar Madison

    “The Odd Couple,” is one of Neil Simon’s funniest plays, even after almost 50 years since it first appeared on Broadway.  Now it’s coming to our town, by way of the Central Kentucky Community Theatre to the Opera House in Springfield.  

  • Just one word

    All it took for Doris Troy was, “Just One Look,” in the words of the hit song she wrote and sang to the top of the charts in 1963. “Just one look/ That’s all it took, yeah /Just one look.” Good and right for her.
     But sometimes, in other situations, all it takes is just one word — one word to change a life forever.

  • Higdon previews legislative session agenda

    Usually, the first week is an organizational week during which the different parties elect their leadership.  This year was different. When we announced the Senate Majority legislative agenda in December, we committed to move aggressively on passing legislation regarding job creation, education, and transparent and responsive government.  With the passage of these bills, the “Agenda for Prosperity,” very few can say we didn’t deliver on that promise this first week.

  • Faces of hope in the tears of Tucson

  • Selling subscriptions

    Ring, ring, ring.
    “Hello, is this Mrs. Alicia Arnold?”
    “Yes, it is.”
    “Well, Mrs. Arnold this is The Springfield Sun calling to tell you that we noticed your subscription to The Sun has elapsed and we would like to get your business back.  We have a once-in-a-lifetime offer that we believe will convince you to renew.  Would you like to hear the offer?”
    “Sure.  What is it?”