• A musical spectacular

    “Music speaks what cannot be expressed
    Soothes the mind and gives it rest
    Heals the heart and makes it whole
    Flows from heaven to the soul.”

    Unknown author

    One thing that always irks me is when people feel like they have to leave the county for fine entertainment. You know what I mean? It’s as if it can’t be good or you can’t have great talent if you come from here. Baloney.

  • Open your home to an exchange student

    4-H International Programs have given thousands of youth and families through the years and throughout the United States the opportunity to open their homes to an exchange student and their lives to the world.  Washington County has a rich tradition in the past of hosting exchange students both, nationally and internationally.

  • Are you out of your mind, or is it March Madness?

    What causes us — normally restrained, responsible people with jobs and families — to lose our minds, whoop and holler, jump up and down, pump our fists in the air, and shout “Yes!” as we high five each other?
    It’s March Madness, of course, the NCAA Division I basketball tournament, which results in the national champion. If your team didn’t make it, you can find a favorite. For me, it’s usually an underdog — and with the bracket Kentucky had to claw through this year, they surely qualify as one.

  • A witness to atomic power

    Japan’s recent massive earthquake and apocalyptic tsunami have almost been overshadowed by the nuclear power plant catastrophe that resulted. In fact, it seems that the fear of leaked radiation into the atmosphere has caused near hysteria, though as of yet no one has died from its effects, while untold thousands have died from the two natural disasters that occurred first.

  • Daylight saving time

    Daylight saving time (DST) --- how’s that working for you?
    Apparently it’s not so good for many of us. According to a study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, DST may not be the best thing for our health, since it comes as such a jolt to our cardiovascular systems.

  • Church in the valley

    Every now and then you need to take some time and be renewed in your walk with God. You need to stop these hectic lives we live and think about the real future. I’m not talking about here on Earth. I’m talking about when you meet God face to face.

  • Learn basic cooking skills

    If you want to get your hands busy, then 4-H can show you how.  Want to learn to cook, rewire a lamp, plant a vegetable garden, raise a rabbit? 4-H can provide you the opportunity to learn how.

  • An act of God?

    “Frightening beyond belief. I have no words.”
    Resident of Sendai, Japan, tsunami victim

    Most of us who saw the telecasts of the tsunami’s destruction in Japan could understand that man’s reaction to the horror of the cataclysmic event. Your jaw drops. Your eyes widen. You have no words.

  • The boyfriend

    “Hey Cindy,” I yelled from the window as I held a tissue up to my lip. “Who’s this guy Brenda’s pulling up with in the drive?”
    “It’s Brandon. He’s a boy she’s going with right now.”
    “Going where with?”
    “Going with as in dating.”

  • The days go by

    It’s a line from the Eagles 1975 classic hit, Tequila Sunrise: “The days go by.”
    And they do. Whether you like it or not, whether you are waiting for (or enduring) a tequila sunrise on a beach in Acapulco, or working in a coal mine in Eastern Kentucky, or trading stocks on Wall Street, or writing songs in Nashville — the days go by. Like wet sand slipping through our fingers, the days go by.