Today's Opinions

  • American by choice

    I wrote last week that I will be retired at the end of October after 42 years of active Army and Army Reserve service.  I am visiting high schools and colleges between now and then for the University of Kentucky Army ROTC Program.  I talk with parents, counselors and students about the Army in general and our Army ROTC program in particular.  So far I’ve been to all the high schools in 14 counties, as well as one college and two universities.  

    Let me tell you, it is fascinating work.

  • Army ROTC: from college to officer

    I’ve served on active duty and the Army reserve for 42 years as an enlisted man in a wide variety of units and leadership positions. My time is almost over as I will be retired at the end of October when I reach 60.

    It’s been interesting, fun, scary at times, and most of all rewarding.

    My deepest regret is not taking Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) as a cadet when I was in college and becoming an officer in the U.S. Army. I feel I could have done so much more if I had.

  • The master bicycle teacher

    Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live. 

    Mark Twain, “Taming the Bicycle”


    Let me start off by saying that nobody knows more about riding a bicycle than me.

    I was raised in an age when parents had one car and it was not for transporting kids around town.  In those days you either walked or biked.  

    I had a paper route at 10 and routinely delivered the now defunct “Louisville Times” several miles around Springfield, seven days a week, for three years.  

  • What is perfection?

    Several years ago I heard one fellow I didn’t know describing his wife’s surprise pregnancy. He sure wasn’t a hypocrite. He loudly proclaimed that he told the doctor to have this future baby checked out “real good.” He wanted the pregnancy ended if there was anything wrong. To be honest, it sounded pretty ugly when you heard the words spoken out loud.

    “Perfection” is in such a high rate of demand that if you “aren’t” then you might not be “admitted” to our world.

  • Retracing an old path

    I exited the University of Louisville hospital and hot-footed it up Chestnut Avenue toward Norton Hospital. I had suddenly changed courses, and having started in another direction, I quickened my pace.

    Although I had made a spontaneous decision, I had a reason for my journey.

  • They're older, wiser

    We look at our parents and grandparents, and often, we see them as people who have somehow been eternally old. It’s not a matter of disrespect, it’s just hard to see them as someone who was once our age, and even younger, with a life of their own, filled with activities similar to those we enjoy.

    As an adult, I know my grandparents weren’t always old, but in my memories, that’s pretty much been the case. Until you start to do the math.

  • 'In God we trust'

    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, 

    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.” 

    And The Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave 

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! 

    From The National Anthem of the United States of America.  “In God is our trust.”


    Powerful words. 

    Words that shouldn’t be said lightly. 

  • Support Relay for Life

    My aunt Alison was a trip.

    I’ve never met anyone like her - and probably never will.

    She took me to a midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” when I was 12 at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles, California. I had no idea what she was getting me into that night, but boy was it a surprise.