Today's Opinions

  • Church in the valley

    Every now and then you need to take some time and be renewed in your walk with God. You need to stop these hectic lives we live and think about the real future. I’m not talking about here on Earth. I’m talking about when you meet God face to face.

  • Readers Write: Prayers for Japan

    Japan, we are thinking of you today. Here is my heart.
    I awoke this morning and turned on the light; thinking about thousands of Japanese who have no light switch left to turn on.  For those who do, flipping the lifeless switch means nothing because they have no power.  Oh God, we pray for those who remain in darkness.

  • Learn basic cooking skills

    If you want to get your hands busy, then 4-H can show you how.  Want to learn to cook, rewire a lamp, plant a vegetable garden, raise a rabbit? 4-H can provide you the opportunity to learn how.

  • An act of God?

    “Frightening beyond belief. I have no words.”
    Resident of Sendai, Japan, tsunami victim

    Most of us who saw the telecasts of the tsunami’s destruction in Japan could understand that man’s reaction to the horror of the cataclysmic event. Your jaw drops. Your eyes widen. You have no words.

  • The boyfriend

    “Hey Cindy,” I yelled from the window as I held a tissue up to my lip. “Who’s this guy Brenda’s pulling up with in the drive?”
    “It’s Brandon. He’s a boy she’s going with right now.”
    “Going where with?”
    “Going with as in dating.”

  • A time for action on fire issue

    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
    That’s the sound of time, and it’s running out, at least if you listen to the statements made by the Washington County Fire Protection Association’s leaders.
    In last week’s issue of The Springfield Sun, the WCFPA was represented by John Goatley, who said in not so many words that he doesn’t see the deadline going away for his organiztion to stop providing fire protection to the citizens of Washington County who pay a $45 annual fee for that protection.

  • The days go by

    It’s a line from the Eagles 1975 classic hit, Tequila Sunrise: “The days go by.”
    And they do. Whether you like it or not, whether you are waiting for (or enduring) a tequila sunrise on a beach in Acapulco, or working in a coal mine in Eastern Kentucky, or trading stocks on Wall Street, or writing songs in Nashville — the days go by. Like wet sand slipping through our fingers, the days go by.

  • Fears about tomorrow

    “Be not afraid.”

    “Be not afraid” is the most quoted phrase in the Bible. It was used by God more often in speaking to his people than any other words that he had to say.
    He knew us so well.
    Why did he have to tell us to not be afraid so often? Because this world is a scary place. It was yesterday, it is today, and it will be tomorrow.