Today's Opinions

  • Let it go

    Lori and I were putting up groceries while our 2-year-old grandson, Eli, was making himself at home, sitting there cross-legged on the kitchen cabinet, chomping on a cookie. He reached for a bag of frozen strawberries I had set next to him.

    “You can’t have those, Eli,” I smiled. “They’re frozen.”

    At the word, “frozen,” he promptly began singing, “Let it go, let it go, let it go.”

    Lori laughed; I was confused.

  • The rocket scientist of Armory Hill

    “I was born and raised in a little wooden house on Armory Hill in Springfield, Kentucky.”
    - Tom Logsdon

    In the hopefully not-too-distant future, St. Dominic Elementary School will have a very interesting speaker who has promised to talk with Ms. Carey’s social studies classes. His name is Tom Logsdon, and he comes from his home in California to Springfield ever so often to visit relatives.

    Tom Logsdon, born and raised in Springfield Kentucky, is a true rocket scientist.

  • It’s not about the knots

    Two days after Christmas I surprised my wife with a post-Christmas present. It had been somewhat of a blue Christmas for her, and I thought my gift would help.

    So I gave her a rope.

    “A what?” you incredulously ask. “A rope? Really?”

    Maybe you’re thinking my gift ranks right up there with Barney Fife (Don Knotts, The Andy Griffith Show) giving his mom and dad a septic tank for their anniversary.

  • Tragedy on Bloomfield Road

    “Jesus Wept.”
    - John 11:35

    Nothing touches the heart as much as when you see a family, a very good family, lose their child.

    No matter how old that child may be, they will always be “their child” to that mom and dad.

    Last week Jan and Alan Haydon lost their son, Jordy, in a auto accident on Bloomfield Road.

    What can you do to relieve their grief at that moment?


  • God’s love at Christmas

    “The Lord is with you.”
    - Angel Gabriel to Mary

    The quote you see above was said by the Angel Gabriel to Mary announcing the coming of Jesus Christ. Mary was about to conceive a child without ever knowing man. God knew, as good a woman as Mary was, she would still need his help, his divine protection, for the road that was ahead of her.

    Divine protection.

  • Some final thoughts from Father Murray

    “Then they scoffed, He’s just the carpenter’s son”
    - Matthew Chapter 13, Verse 55

    Little did I realize when I wrote my story about Father Murray of St. Rose that he would die on the same day it appeared in The Sun.

    Somehow, I can’t help but feel that God, after watching him for 93 years, decided he wanted Father Murray to come home because ee missed him.

    Maybe God was feeling a little down lately, looking at the world as it is, and needed Father Murray to come cheer him up.

  • ‘Team’ gets it done

    Anyone involved with the construction of the new school — from district officials to the architects to the contractors — will tell you that the project has hit its share of snags, delays and headaches.

    There were serious questions as to whether the facility would be ready at any point this school year, but in the end, all sides came together to make sure Washington County High School students are going to  have the best experience possible when they return to school on Jan. 5.

  • The blessing of the hands

    “I don’t think he’s going to make it through the ceremony,” my daughter Madi predicted of her two year old son, Eli.  We were standing in the foyer of Ransdell Chapel for Madi’s Pinning Ceremony.

    She was graduating from Campbellsville University’s School of Nursing.