Today's Opinions

  • 3...2...1...blast off!

    Because I was born and raised in Los Angeles County, Calif., I’m used to some pretty horrible traffic. Usually, I would have to leave at least 30-45 minutes earlier than I would normally have to just to get somewhere on time.

    The habit stuck with me over the years, and even though the worst thing I have to worry about for traffic here is a tractor on the road, I still manage to leave 30-45 minutes earlier than I would normally have to.

  • A simple way to prep for Christmas

    The Bluegrass country around Lexington, not far from where I live in Lebanon, is home to some of the finest racehorses. It’s exciting to watch the horses bolt from the starting gate, and the sound of their hooves thunders across the track.

  • LETTER: Backpack program a success

    Dear editor,

  • LETTER: Will we choose life?

    Dear editor,
    One vote. That’s what it took to defeat the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline bill. Of course, this controversial issue is not going away.

    Is anyone communicating with facts? Those who support the pipeline continue in mantra-like form to proclaim that the pipeline is good for the economy.

  • Who's the party for?

    It was our first foray into Christmas shopping, 2014, the day after Black Friday.

    I meandered aimlessly through the department store, my wife’s words echoing in my ears: “We’ll just stop for a few things after we take Mary to the airport. At least we’ll get some Christmas shopping started. Don’t worry. I want to get back early, too.”

    That was an hour a half ago, a passing moment for a shopper; an eternity for me.

    The truth is, she is a conflicted shopper: She loves to shop but doesn’t like to have to shop.

  • Forgetfulness

    There are three surefire signs of getting old. The first is forgetfulness.

    I don’t remember what the other two are.

    Must not have been important.

    Anyway, now that I’m past middle aged, I can tell you that my memory isn’t what it used to be. If I didn’t, then Cindy would.

    Unlike myself, Cindy has a photographic memory and never forgets anything. It’s something that comes in quite handy for her when we have “loud discussions” at home. Any of you other guys have that problem out there?

  • Becoming an effective leader

    By David Donathan

    Administrators often comment on what effective leaders they are, but true leaders do not reflect on the administrative acumen. This dichotomy is reflected in the difference between administrators and leaders. Administrators are process/policy focused whereas leaders are outcome focused. As long as an issue is being researched, studied, reviewed, revised, administrators are satisfied that progress is being made.  Leaders, on the other hand, understand that achievements, not intentions are of paramount import.

  • The warning label

    Years ago I when I was on active duty with the Army, I met a guy that had a poster in his office of a beautiful young woman in a bathing suit smiling back at you.

    I was a young fellow then and I have to admit I stood staring at it for a minute when the guy looked up and said “Read the warning label.”

    I didn’t see anything written on it and said “What warning label?”

    He then pointed down to a sentence so small that you literally had to use a magnifying glass to read it.