Today's Opinions

  • The Carpenter’s carpenter

    “Then they scoffed, He’s just the carpenter’s son.”

    Matthew Chapter 13, Verse 55
    If only those people knew what we know now.
     Christmas is a celebration of a promise made and of a promise kept by God Almighty when He sent down His only Son.
    It’s a time to be grateful not for what you get, but for what you already have.

  • Diets can include lean beef

    We received the following article from the Alison Smith, Director of Marketing with the Kentucky Beef Council.  We are excited to hear this about eating beef again.

  • All I want for Christmas is my nip and tuck


  • An Isabelle Christmas


  • Asking the right questions


  • Readers Write

    Dear Editor,

    “A Special Event for Special Needs” was held on November 19, 2011 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Springfield Ky. This event was a poker run, chili and hotdog dinner, auctions and a dance with live band featuring a local teenager “Sticktight”Akins as lead singer.
    This event was a fund raiser with all proceeds going to “A Special Place.”

  • Autumn Garden: Christmas Light

    “You’d better get what’s left of your garden in; we’re going to have a hard freeze tonight,” Glen, my gardening mentor, warned me several weeks ago.  And so I carried in the tomato vines, picked the peppers, and salvaged what okra was left. In the garage, they are now ripening so fast that some are beginning to rot before we can get them eaten. My wife tolerates my boastful proclamation: “It’s November, and we still enjoy the garden,” as if this justifies the time devoted to working the ground this past summer.

  • Send us your Christmas photos

    Every year at this time, no matter which newspaper, a request comes in to take pictures of someone’s Christmas decorations.

    Sometimes, multiple requests come in.
    This year and this newsroom are different, except for one thing.
    This year, I invite you to photograph your Christmas lights and decorations and send them in.
    If I get enough high-quality photos, I’ll run a picture page highlighting your lights and decorations.
    If I don’t get enough, we’ll run a slideshow online.