Today's Opinions

  • WC on the road to Richmond

    Bernard Smalley must have been really good last year because he found favor in Santa Claus. In fact, he came a little early for the coach.

    Right before Christmas, the coach was looking at an 0-5 record. His team was getting outscored, on average, by 30 points.
    The offense sputtered for 37 points a game. The defense was giving up 67 points a game. Things were not going well.
    Fast forward to Saturday night. The scene is dramatically different, almost like a different season entirely.

  • SCC keeps growing

    When I was very young, I used to have growing pains in my shins.

    It hurt at the time but later in life I enjoyed the benefit of my father’s height. Well, some of his height. I’ll never catch up to his 6-4 frame.
    The St. Catharine College athletics program is also experiencing growth. Lucky for them, they are not experiencing any shin pain that I am aware of.
    The local sports community is buzzing about SCC right now, and I look for that to increase as the athletics program expands.

  • Higdon previews legislative session agenda

    Usually, the first week is an organizational week during which the different parties elect their leadership.  This year was different. When we announced the Senate Majority legislative agenda in December, we committed to move aggressively on passing legislation regarding job creation, education, and transparent and responsive government.  With the passage of these bills, the “Agenda for Prosperity,” very few can say we didn’t deliver on that promise this first week.

  • Faces of hope in the tears of Tucson

  • Selling subscriptions

    Ring, ring, ring.
    “Hello, is this Mrs. Alicia Arnold?”
    “Yes, it is.”
    “Well, Mrs. Arnold this is The Springfield Sun calling to tell you that we noticed your subscription to The Sun has elapsed and we would like to get your business back.  We have a once-in-a-lifetime offer that we believe will convince you to renew.  Would you like to hear the offer?”
    “Sure.  What is it?”

  • I'm ready for 2011!

    It’s a new year, and lots of folks are making resolutions. They will quit doing this, start doing that, and try to cut back on this, that and those things in their lives.
    Me? I didn’t make a new year’s resolution this year. I’ve tried in the past, and despite making some that have lasted several months, I usually see them come to an end before the year is over.

  • A resolution revolution

    I resolve to stage a revolt against making New Year’s resolutions. I’ve had it with them; they don’t work for me. The New Year is still in infancy, and I’ve already broken 75 percent of my resolutions.  
    It’s not that I didn’t try; I just forgot. The pressure of the moment distracted my attention from keeping the resolution.

  • Miss Cindy

    Better than being rich is having a job you love.
    So, if you get to work at one great job in your lifetime, then you’re blessed. If you get two great jobs then you’re truly blessed. I think my wife would very much agree.
    Cindy is moving on from St. Dominic School to the Springfield State Bank beginning in January. It’s a great move for our family from one great place to work to another. But it wasn’t a decision made without a lot of careful thought and prayers.