Authorities searching for man who stabbed 4

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SPRINGFIELD—Police and immigration officials are searching for a 37-year-old Latino man who they say stabbed four people—including one teenager—before fleeing from an Eddleman Court altercation on March 2.
Alejandro P. Ponce has evaded officials for more than 10 days. Police believe Ponce may have headed west, although conflicting reports indicate that he has since been spotted in the area. Officials say they have no leads to his whereabouts. They did not indicate a possible motive in the incident and provided few details into the case, except to say “they were all acquaintances of each other, and they had first got into a verbal altercation which then led to a physical confrontation, then to the stabbings.”
Police say they responded to an early morning call on March 2 at Eddleman Court, where they found four victims lying on the street with multiple and very serious stab wounds. Officers secured the scene and tried to stop the bleeding as emergency medical teams responded.
The victims include Carlos Escriban, 24; Carlos Garcia, 24; and Marcos Lopez, 33 — all of Springfield. Police did not identify a juvenile victim, confirmed through other sources as Lopez’s 17-year-old step-son, José Niño, a Washington County High student.
Niño was reportedly transported to University Hospital in Louisville where he remained in the intensive care unit for several days. He was released last week and is expected to recover.
According to unconfirmed reports from an anonymous source close to the victim, Niño suffered a two-inch stab wound to his heart, as well as lacerations to his legs. The teen also sustained two collapsed lungs, the source said. He was cut from his sternum to his belly button, the source said. Stitches will reportedly be removed later this week. “He’s doing much better,” the source said. “He’s going to be sore for a while. He moves really slow. He’s slept most of the time since he’s been home.” According to additional reports, which could not be immediately verified, Lopez was transferred to Spring View Hospital in Lebanon and was treated and later released. Another stabbing victim was transported to a hospital in Lexington and was expected to recover. “The Hispanic community polices its own and they also protect their own. The word has been there will be some retaliation,” according to an anonymous English-speaking source close to the family. “If [Ponce] can be in custody, that would be the best for everyone involved.” Police did not respond to those claims and did not answer additional media queries about the stabbings. Officers have recovered a large knife used in the stabbings, according to reports from Springfield Police. A warrant is issued for Ponce’s arrest. Those with information about the case should contact the Springfield Police Department at 336-5450. All calls are anonymous.