Berry Center to hold press conference at St. Catharine College on Feb. 27

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According to a press release from St. Catharine College, the Berry Center is expected to make a major announcement that will impact the future of agriculture and farming in Kentucky at a press conference to be held Monday, Feb. 27 at 5:30 p.m. in St. Catharine Hall on the campus of St. Catharine College. 

The Berry Center's vision is grounded in the lives of three men. John M. Berry, Sr., a lawyer and farmer, devoted his life to rural Kentucky and its farmers. His sons, John M. Berry, Jr. and Wendell Berry, followed in his footsteps: John as a farmer and lawyer, and Wendell as a farmer and writer.

Following these three farmers' examples, The Berry Center will focus on issues confronting small farming families in Kentucky and around the country. For more information on The Berry Center, visit www.berrycenter.org online.

According to The Berry Center website, "The work of educating young farmers will be advanced by a collaboration between The Berry Center and St. Catharine College, a liberal arts college in Springfield, Kentucky, to pilot a small farm agricultural degree."

"The Berry Center will promote the vital connection between urban centers and the rural communities that surround them by collaborating closely and working actively alongside entities and institutions with the same or complementary goals," according to the website.