Downtown Protesters: NObama

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Demonstrators call for president's impeachment, but some offended by depiction of Obama as a nazi

By Brandon Mattingly

SPRINGFIELD — Travelers down Main Street in Springfield and visitors to the post office surely noticed something out of the norm last Thursday, with a pair of guests that were welcomed by some, but not so much by others.

Alan Demers and Jenny Burns of Michigan set up photos of President Barack Obama brandishing an Adolf Hitleresque mustache with signs declaring “Pull over to stop Obama” on the sidewalk in front of the post office on Thursday morning. It incited plenty of attention.

Demers and Burns were representing the LaRouche PAC, an entity headed by political activist Lyndon LaRouche. Demonstrators found themselves in Springfield in regards to legislation that has recently been brought before the Kentucky General Assembly.

“Our objective is to restore the principles of the constitution to the country economically and culturally,” said Angela Vullo of the LaRouche PAC. “Our big campaign is to remove Barack Obama from office with impeachment and to restore Glass-Steagall.”

The legislation (HR 129) would end government bailouts, which Vullo described as “gambling bets.” According to the group, however, 


Glass-Steagall alone will not be sufficient to alter the path the United States is headed on. LaRouche suggests that a new credit system is needed as well.

“The imperialists, or the banksters, are going to create a new money system and only the privileged few are going to have access to that,” Vullo said. “(LaRouche) is warning that if we fail to get Glass-Steagall, this is going to result in the biggest depopulation in history, meaning that millions, possibly billions, are going to die.”

The visually-abrasive approach used in demonstrating their concerns last week turned some heads, as Springfield Police Chief Jim Smith said the department received a few calls regarding the protestors.  But that they were within their rights, he said.  

Smith said he observed the situation for an hour and saw them overstep no boundaries.

“The first amendment guarantees the right to freedom of speech, and as long as people are on public property, which sidewalks are that, and they don’t block traffic or harass people as far as making threats, then anybody’s allowed to protest,” he said.

Within the first hour onsite, Burns said several people had stopped by to find out more information about their cause, but at least one local resident wasn’t pleased.

While Demers and Burns awaited residents that shared their views, one motorists pulled over, but not to stop Obama.

“You people should be ashamed of yourselves,” the man could be overheard yelling to the demonstrators from the driver’s side of his truck. “You shouldn’t even be allowed to be out here doing this [expletive]”

Demers and Burns largely ignored critics.  They said they were looking out for the betterment of the country and continued demonstrating. 

Despite some negative reaction within the community, Vullo said the LaRouche PAC is continuing to grow and warned that its message needs to be heard or certain individuals will lead the nation astray.

“We’re definitely expanding. LaRouche has been leading our movement since the 1960s. He’s warned about this crisis since the 1960s because of the shift to the free market and globalization,” she said. “LaRouche laid out Friday night in his webcast that we’re at a point where the bailout that’s been going on by (Ben) Bernanke is at the point where it’s causing hyperinflation. The system is about ready to blow.”

Vullo said the group “absolutely” believes that the impeachment of Obama is a realistic goal. She pointed to the Jan. 25 Washington D.C. circuit court ruling that the president’s three recess appointments were deemed unconstitutional, the supposed cover-up in Benghazi and the widely-debated drone policy as evidence that is mounting in their favor.

However, the LaRouche PAC has an even grander plan than unseating the second-term president. They want to see bipartisan government eradicated all together.

“People join with LaRouche because of his accuracy at forecasting, but also because they’re patriots. People are joining us across party lines and our movement is absolutely expanding worldwide, particularly in the United States, because people are tired of the two-party system,” Vullo said. “The two-party system doesn’t work because people are committed to the parties and not to the principles of the country, not just the constitution.”

To find out more information or to reach the LaRouche PAC, call 1-800-929-7566. The group’s chair, Lyndon LaRouche, hosts a webcast on their web site, LaRouchePAC.com, on Fridays at 8 p.m.