Enough is enough

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By Nick Schrager

I was walking through my local department store a couple of weeks ago when I came across something I wasn’t expecting.

Christmas stuff.

In early of October.

Yes, before Halloween.

Everyone who’s watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” will recall the time Charlie Brown was trying to sell Christmas wreaths before Thanksgiving.

As I recall, at least one character slammed their door in ol’ Chuck’s face, telling him it wasn’t even Thanksgiving.

It was funny then because it was true. Stores often put Christmas items up before Thanksgiving. But putting them out well before Halloween is a new low.

At least from my perspective.

Holiday shopping is already stressful enough, especially when you debate going out for Black Friday. Now, stores are shoving it down our throats.

Buy, buy, buy… that’s all I see.

Sell, sell, sell, is probably all that the sales people here.

At what point is the holiday transformed from being about Jesus’ birth to a holiday solely based on material items?

For me, giving gifts is far more important than getting anything, but now, I’m not even sure gift giving should be a norm.

Everything in this world has become monetized to death. Show people you love them buy breaking your wallet and your credit.

No, thanks.

I think this year I’ll be making gifts. Sure, it’s even more stressful to make something than it is to go out and buy it, but at least the stress from corporations won’t be there.