Hello Washington County.

Hey there folks.

This is Jesse Osbourne, the new reporter at The Springfield Sun.

I'm wrapping up my first day of work and so far it's been great. I spent a good part of the day driving around the county and admiring the scenery.

My boss, Jeff Moreland, sent me out for a feature hunt for Wednesday's paper.

It was an interesting feature hunt, I must say. Within a few hours I met a man with the same last name as mine (Charlie Osbourne) and a goat named Goliath.

Goliath's owners, the Pretzer's out on Tick Creek Road, were kind enough to humor me when I walked up to their front porch this morning asking what the name of their goat was.

Apparently Goliath used to have some other goat buddies on the property but they died off so he now hangs out with the Pretzer's dogs. The dogs don't mind, they even let him cozy up on the doggie bed sometimes.

Like Goliath, I can see myself getting comfortable around here. Everyone I've met is really friendly.

Thanks for the warm welcome so far, Washington County. I look forward to meeting more of you.