Junior league golf coming up

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By John Overby

Lincoln Homestead State Park will be hosting a junior golf league starting next week and lasting for about five weeks, according to Bobby Bartholomai, club pro and Washington County High School golf coach.

The league, intended for ages 10 and up (Bartholomai noted that a golfer over 16 is a rarity), is unique in the way that it is set up.

The league will be played on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-10 a.m. each week, but the commitment for each golfer is flexible, as there is a $3 charge for each day played rather than a set fee at the beginning of the season.

“Each player has the option of just signing up on the day they want to play,” Bartholomai said. “It’s not like they have to be there every time. They don’t even have to play nine holes every time. A lot of the younger kids will play six holes or even three before they get tired.”

Bartholomai also said that there will be a different format on many of the days, rather than the typical “lowest score wins” rules.

One of his main goals for the participants is for them to learn how to behave in an organized golf setting.

“It’s basically a time I can get kids out here playing with other kids,” Bartholomai said. “They’ll learn how to behave when they’re on a green, how to play under a system with rules. They’ll even learn how to be safe. Some kids will just run all over the place, and this helps them learn proper golf course etiquette.”

In addition to learning proper golf protocol, though, Bartholomai wants to instill in Washington County’s youth that golf can be enjoyable and is “a life-long pursuit.”

“The number one thing for these kids is that they see that golf is fun, something that can be enjoyed your entire life, no matter your skill level,” Bartholomai said.

For more information, contact Bartholomai at 336-7461.