Local musician makes music video

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By Jesse Osbourne


Some people miss opportunities in life and move on.
Mary Kutter writes a song and makes a music video about them.
Kutter, a sophomore at Campbellsville University, recently put her original song, “I Realize,” to video.
The song is about a missed chance at love, and the video is of a woman leaving her fiancee at the altar.
While the video quality indicates it could have cost a mint, Kutter said the whole thing was filmed for free.
She and friends from the Campbellsville University film department filmed the video in two days, relying on donations.  
Kutter said one day was spent filming on her boyfriend’s family farm in Washington County, and the church scene was filmed at the United Methodist Church in downtown Campbellsville.
Local businesses were also involved.
In the wedding scene in the video, Kutter said all the flowers and decorations were donated. Some were given by Blossoms & Bows in Springfield.
“It just really came together completely,” she said.
Kutter said she wrote the song sometime last year, but has put it under periodic revision.
In the winter, while cooped up during a snowy stint, she wrote out all the scenes for a video of her song.
Her friend and director, Julie Vetter, took what Kutter wrote and made a story board, outlining the plot of the video.
“I came up with the general idea and she made everything perfect,” Kutter said.
She said the song is inspired by a missed opportunity.
“I wasn’t engaged and I didn’t run out on my wedding,” she said, laughing. “It’s one of those times when you look back and think, ‘What did I do?”
Kutter’s fiancee is played by her boyfriend, Matthew Osborne.
She said he was surprised that he wanted to play the role, since she walks out on him in the video.
“He’s been a great supporter of my music and his family is wonderful,” she said.
Kutter said she has made a music video before when she was younger, but it wasn’t an original song. This is the first time she’s filmed a video of an original song.
The singer tried out for American Idol a few years ago and was among the top 24 in Kentucky.
“It was a great experience,” she said of making the video.
Kutter is a sophomore at Campbellsville University, with a double major in music and public relations.
She graduated from Washington County High School in 2010. She has been performing since she was 10-years-old.
The video for “I Realize” can be found online at http://www.youtube.com/user/MaryKutterMusic?feature =mhee, or by going to www.YouTube.com and searching for “Mary Kutter Music.”