A McSolution to McProblems

I think I have discovered the solution to all of the problems in the world - seriously! This isn't a subject to be taken lightly because the fate of our existance hangs in the balance. What is this amazing discovery, you may ask? The answer is two McDonald's apple pies.

Now before you think I'm crazy (too late Jim!), hear me out.

It seems everytime I have to wait a painfully long time for my food at McDonald's, they seem to believe that two apple pies will make everything better. It never fails!

This only happens though when I go inside to order. Maybe they think if you're in a car, you can make a faster getaway or that you and they are separated by the drive-thru window. Maybe it's the face-to-face contact inside the store that makes them feel guilty, thus the tantilizing bribe of two over-cooked mass-produced pastries.

My biggest gripe is, while the offer of free food is certainly enticing, the fact remains that I don't even like pie. I've always been a cake man. So here they are, the glorious golden arches, assuming I like free pie. That's adding insult to injury.

Here I am, fuming after waiting 15 minutes on two McDoubles and a large fry, then come to find out there's food I don't even like shoved into my bag.

Might I suggest a choice for disgruntled customers who have to wait more than five minutes that, legend has it, is cooked and ready to go minutes before you order it. How about a couple of chocolate chip cookies or a box of McDonaldland Cookies? Cookies are a lot better than pie in my book.