New features on The Springfield Sun Web site!

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By The Staff

When you visit us on the Internet, be sure to take advantage of some new features, as well as some old ones on our Web site. These new features are located with links at the bottom of our home page.

Visitors to www.readthesun.com can now follow sports across Kentucky by clicking on the KHSAA (Kentucky High School Ahtletic Association) link in our ad gallery at the bottom of our home page. This link will take you to the KHSAA site where you can get scores, stats and more from all sports across Kentucky.

Another feature we've added is the Kentucky State Police Sex Offender Registry link. This site is operated by the Kentucky State Police, and allows visitors to search the names, addresses and other information of convicted sex offenders in Kentucky, allowing you to see the names of offenders in your county, as well as any count in the state.

A third feature is the ability to comment on stories on our site. If you read a story, scroll to the bottom of the article and you can post a comment about the article, as well as reading the comments of others who have visited the site.

Take advantage of these features today. Visit us on the Internet at www.readthesun.com!