A once-hot issue fizzled in court

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By Jesse Osbourne

After reading a letter from the Washington County Fire Department (printed in last week’s issue of The Springfield Sun), the Washington County fiscal court had little comment and agreed to move forward on the issue.

   “I can’t detect that there’s any action that we need to take at this time,” Washington County Judge-Executive John Settles said. “I think we all recognize that we need to move forward.”
   The letter addressed the conflict between the court and the fire department. The deadline for the end of fire protection was pushed back 90 days from Jan. 1, and Forrest Carrico agreed to return as chief of the department.
   The letter, signed by the fire department, stated that “we have hopes that the 90-day extension of fire service will allow both groups to permanently resolve the issues.”
   Magistrate Greg Simms suggested the Information Exchange Committee, which is the committee that consists of members of both the court and the fire department, set up another meeting before Jan. 14.